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The Bend Mag Goes to Warped Tour

Two local photographers take on the last ever Warped Tour

Photos by: Tera Elwell and Laura Suarez

Local photographers, Tera Elwell and Laura Suarez, have been perfecting their craft for years. Between photographing various musical acts, doing portrait work, and the occasional pup shoot (yes, their adorable frenchie has an instagram and yes you should follow it @watson_thefrenchiepup), they have become quite the talented pair! 

Recently relocating to San Antonio, the couple saw it fit to use the Vans Warped Tour 2018 (the last ever Warped Tour actually) as a way to allow their 13 year old dreams of shooting bands like Simple Plan come true. So, we sent them off with some press passes and they did not disappoint! From Mayday Parade to This Wild Life, these photos have us in a rather nostalgic state. Enjoy!