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The Art of Listening

Give your vinyl setup the spotlight it deserves

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Rachel Benavides


Vinyl has been making a comeback for years now. Who doesn’t love a good record player? They’re functional and stylish, and keep popping up in home tour after home tour. And more often than not, the people who appreciate the great audio that LPs and a solid sound system can bring to a room are also the ones who appreciate an aesthetic living space design.

Wondering how to integrate your new console into an existing room? Enter the record-player setup. Consider it a sideboard or cabinet, not the focal point of the room but a necessary design element. It should be a stable, flat surface which provides size-appropriate space for the record player, albums, speakers and a few pieces of artfully chosen decor.  


Top Tips:

Always store records in the upright position to ensure they stay in good condition. Records stored slanted or flat for extended periods can warp and permanently damage the records. 

A low storage system leaves room for eye-catching, contemporary art above. An easy, impactful wall accent can be achieved by painting linear forms on canvas  using the existing wall color combined with other shades in similar tones.

The best way to automatically add life to a space? Plants and more plants. Green friends—along with earth toned art and decor—surround the record player and keep the room current. 

A lounge chair near the record setup is a must. It provides an area to sit and relax when you want to plug in headphones for a more immersive listening experience. 

Lastly, don’t get too committed to your setup and feel free to experiment. Speaker placement and where you sit in the room will change the sound and your experience. Fine tuning your listening space is one of the joys of record collecting and listening.


Get the look:

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