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The Anatomy of a Bed

Liven up this mundane task with these tips and tricks

By: Joanne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Whether it’s the fluffy pillows, the turned down duvet, or the dreamy blanket, every detail matters when curating the perfectly made-up bed. 

Rolling out of bed doesn’t always have a positive connotation; however, it can take an upbeat turn when you upgrade your routine and make it a point to make your bed 

Perfect Foundation:

Mattress covers make a difference. Don’t ever think otherwise. They protect your mattress from spills and dust. Plus they add an extra layer between the mattress and the sheets.

Speaking of sheets:

Learning to fold a fitted sheet is another story (maybe I should do a class on that?); but, it is so important to have a tight fit from corner to corner.

Layer on the flat sheet (some blogs are saying these are becoming a thing of the past, fyi, I don’t use one). If your flat sheet is patterned, lay it on upside down so the pattern shows when you turn back your bed. Pro Tip: always have two sets of sheets. Golden rule is one for the bed and one in the wash.

Top it off: 

Time to layer on the comforter or duvet! Choose your preference between the two and turn down the top quarter of the cover. You can include the top sheet in the fold down if you wish (don’t forget this is placed upside down so you see the pattern in the fold).

Piles of Pillows:

There are even rules for the amount of pillows on your bed. A king size bed requires three Euro Pillows and a Queen or Double bed requires two. Decorative pillows can be added to your liking. 

Now, seriously, making your bed can become a mundane chore but it should be routine. Make it fun and interesting by swapping out your linens for the season. Adding blankets is a good way to pop in both color and texture. Adding a bench at your foot board is an easy way to keep you from sitting on your freshly made bed. Use the bench as you would a chair or just to style interesting trays and nick knacks.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make that bed!