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That Sweet Rock N Roll

The newest dessert trend finally makes its way to the Coastal Bend, and it’s every bit as good as they say.

Words by: Jinky Romero  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Charoen Kaewmanorom was first introduced to rolled ice cream five years ago while visiting her hometown of Bangkok. That experience planted the idea of bringing the frozen treat to Corpus Christi in Kaewmanorom’s head, but she and her husband decided to wait because they weren’t sure the concept would appeal to the local community. While working in Houston last year, she encountered rolled ice cream again in Chinatown. She took it as a sign to finally bring the unique dessert to the Coastal Bend. Rock and Rollin officially opened its doors in January. Despite rare, near freezing temperatures, a large enthusiastic crowd welcomed them.

Kaewmanorom is not a fan of rolled ice cream that is artificially flavored with powder. She has modified her recipe and only uses fresh ingredients, resulting in an even more refreshing and delicious version of the popular frozen treat.

The process of making this sweet delight is unique. The base is a liquid that comes in Rock and Rollin’s main ice cream flavors. It is poured into a machine with an ice-cold metal surface. Once the ice cream freezes into a creamy texture, the mix-ins, which you select upon ordering, are chopped and blended into the base. The concoction is then spread out thinly across the freezing surface and scraped into columns, creating the rolls of ice cream that are served vertically inside a cup. 

The texture and flavor of rolled ice cream is unlike regular scooped ice cream because it’s served as soon as it freezes. Although rolled ice cream is harder and chewier, its flavors are fresher. Rock and Rollin is known for bold flavors that pop.

Rock and Rollin offers different ways to order your rolled ice cream. They have nine pre-made selections that come with a certain ice cream flavor and mix-ins. Monkey Business (sweet cream flavored ice cream with banana and Nutella mix-ins) and Cookie Monster (a chocolate base mixed with Oreos and Pockey) are their best-sellers, so far. The preset options include two toppings and a drizzle of your choice. The wide variety of toppings ranges from fresh fruits to popping boba. There are four drizzles to choose from: strawberry, chocolate, condensed milk, and caramel. You can also choose your own ice cream flavor, mix-ins, toppings, and drizzle to create a one-of-a-kind frozen treat. It’s like a “make your own personal heaven” bar! 


2033 Airline Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

(361) 444-5275