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Tips for Decorating Your Teenager’s Room

Insight into decorating your teenager's bedroom to achieve a timeless and inspiring space your teen will adore and thrive in.

Photo by Rachel Benavides

Gone are the days of nursery rhymes, stuffed animals and toy bins. Transforming a bedroom from childhood to the teenage years is an exciting time. As our kids grow up and develop their own senses of style and taste, it’s fun to see how their personalities shine through their spaces.

A bedroom is so much more than just a place to rest your head. It’s a library, a work area, an entertainment space and so on. Collaborating with your teen and bringing them into the decorating process allows for the room to reflect their interests, hobbies and lifestyle. This is a wonderful opportunity for your teen to express themselves fully and take ownership over an area of your home.

Jo Anne’s Top Tips:

When purchasing furniture, avoid trends and look for timeless pieces. Your teen will continue to grow and evolve, as will their interests and taste. Finding items that can stand the test of time will make it easier to mold the room as the years go on.

Encourage your teen’s interests and hobbies and use those as inspiration for décor. My teenager loves fashion, art and music, so a vinyl listening station, wall art and fashion books are just a few ways to bring those in.

Make studying inviting! Having a space in the bedroom for homework is important. We opted for a comfortable seating area with a side table.

Include your teen in the process. My daughter and I have been working on her room together for the last two years, and it’s been such a joy watching her make design decisions. Not only has it allowed special bonding moments, but it’s even nurtured a new love for interior design in her.

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