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Talk of the Town

The Grid System

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Aaron Garcia

Grids are an essential, powerful tool in the world of design. The use of repeated visual elements is a technique artists and designers commonly use in their daily practice, and this holds true when styling a home interior. When you repeat elements, the intervals between those repetitions can create a sense of harmony in the eyes of the viewer while providing essential movement to a space. Using these repeating patterns will ultimately bring much needed texture and consistency to any home. 

Items Courtesy of:

Yellow Grid Pillow by Paradise Mango, Gold Metal Hex Grid Wall Art
Alexis Hunter Interiors

Nomad Pro Porcelain Tile, Tempo Contemporary Wallpaper, Silver Silk Chevron Tile, Elitis Fabric Lantano Pararti, Rafia & Metallo Contemporary Wallcovering
Squarefoot Design Studio