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Taking Stress off The Season with (Free) Yoga

Stretch away your worries by adding a routine to your holiday season!

By Julieta Hernandez

We know — there’s no time like the holidays to juggle about a thousand things on your plate (and not just the fun stuff, like ham roast and gravy).

The practice of yoga becomes crucial during the holidays amidst running around in the season’s bustle. There’s no better time to stretch out some of those worries and go back to being grounded, and the benefits speak for themselves: including yoga in your holiday months can lay off some of the steam in helping you keep your health, thought clarity, and stresses at bay. (source)

With a mix of errand running, cold weather and multi-tasking, our immune systems are tested during the winter months. The influence of daily yoga benefits blood pressure values, back pain, and heart regulation by increasing blood circulation. Even a light routine can prove some cardiovascular benefits: oxygenated blood is moved more efficiently, and by lowering the resting heart rate, the chest is opened up to combat infections. Who needs cold medicine, anyway?

Although our minds move at a million miles per minute, it can be a matter of 20 minutes to an hour of mantra and meditation to chase away worrisome thoughts. Yes, finding the perfect gift for someone is important: but equally enough, so is finding your inner peace!
Practicing yoga routinely can give you a better reach for your own understanding, which goes a long way when you’re trying to survive the season.

Remaining positive plays a huge part here: it is, after all, the jolliest time of the year, apparently. The cool thing about practicing yoga during these fleeting weeks is the connection to the present moment; not to mention the grounding effect it has when you feel you need it the most. Your vitality and energy can be exercised with practice so that you can gift yourself the present of presence (haha) without being worn out. Even just a good stretch or breathing exercise can make us feel a little more alive by providing that mental stimulation to uplift our moods.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to start, Yoga Time studios will be holding their holiday toy drive and free yoga demo and for all levels of experience at Green Light Coffee this weekend. Bring your own yoga mat and a friend who needs a hint enlightenment for a Sunday morning yoga session with trained professionals. Green Light will also be serving up the Mimosas, as well as other classic drink specials, starting at 11.

Make sure to bring an unwrapped toy along with your yoga mat to help Yoga Time Studios with their toy drive donation, as per the season.

Check out the Facebook event page for more details to kick start your Holiday yoga routine!