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Summer-Ready Colored Hair with Design Concepts Salon Boutique & Spa

Getting summer ready does not have to be a long process. Let Design Concepts Salon Boutique & Spa help!

Design Concepts Salon Boutique & Spa

Summer is approaching, and we all anticipate getting our hair color lighter and brighter. Whether a blonde, brunette, redhead or that beautiful God-given color, there is something for everyone at Design Concepts Salon Boutique & Spa to get Summer ready.

For blondes, we recommend starting with clarifying and protein treatments to ensure the hair canvas is solid and ready to get lighter without the damage and unforeseen lighting issues that arise when the porous hair has build up. Redken’s excellent clarification process leaves the hair feeling fresh and clean. It will blow dry faster and have more shine.

Think of it as cleaning a dirty glass shower door. Everything seen building up on that glass is also on and in the hair follicle. It is essential to get it out before coloring/highlighting, especially metals like copper and lead. These metals can affect the outcome of the hair color or block hair color from depositing, making the gloss over the hi-light not take or last as long. Then, if the hair is blonde, it is essential to put protein back into the hair so that it is strong and can withstand another highlight. When the hair is colored, it can break it down 10%, and when highlighted, it can break it down 15%, so it is always essential to build the hair back up either at home doing treatments or coming into the salon and doing more potent treatments last longer.

Brunettes and redheads often deal with their hair looking dull or without much body. These clarifying treatments are just as necessary because they want the hair to shine. We have a clear color with a touch of depth that will make the light reflect off the hair leaving so much shine and filling that cuticle, adding body and bounce. Hair that is fine lacks protein and hair that is coarse lacks moisture, so depending on the hair texture, we would assess that accordingly. The other common thing is that we color a client’s new growth, which goes too dark. Because of medications taken, sweat and salt build up on the hair most commonly. Specifically, the hairline makes the hair color grab, oxidize quicker and leave the hair dark. Clarifying the hair and adding the right amount of protein and moisture will prevent this.

Now let us talk about that grey hair that everyone wants! Grey hair is in its category because everyone is different—some white and others salt and pepper. However, most grey-hair clients want fullness, shine and non-frizzy hair. Grey hair is very porous and can absorb sweat, oils our body secretes and outside elements. No one with grey hair wants yellow ends, whether it be smoke or hairspray. When we remove that build-up with a clarifying treatment and then fill the hair back with a gloss to counter that, we are adding shine and body and filling those porous ends so that there is no room in the hair follicles.

Getting summer ready does not have to be a long process. Most of these treatments can be done on a lunch break, leaving the guest feeling lighter, brighter and refreshed with a beautiful weekend blowout. Come to Design Concepts and let us prepare the hair correctly for summer. All first-time guests will receive a complimentary 30-minute Elemis facial and a blowout. We look forward to meeting new guests and spoiling them rotten!