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Sue’s Garden Oasis

After Sue's recent visit to the Caribbean, she was inspired to bring a slice of paradise back to Corpus Christi

By: Phillip Elbert, Landscape Designer, Gills Nursery

After Sue’s recent visitbrto the Caribbean, she was inspired to bring a slice of paradise back to Corpus Christibrand hired me to bring her dream to fruition. We took a lot of time discussingbrplant options and their characteristics; flowering, foliage color, shadebrtolerance, water needs, and so on. We developed a comprehensive list of plantsbrreminiscent of a lush tropical oasis that would tolerate our local conditions, andbrI must say we were blessed with some mature trees that provide the protectionbrneeded for the landscape to thrive. Our layering approach enabled us to createbran immersive space that is also forgiving in terms of maintenance and waterbrconservation.


On a recent visit to Sue’s, I was happy to see that the project is maturingbrinto the design that we envisioned. The plantbrselections are naturally adapting to the environment harmoniously; everyone is gettingbralong great! Our careful planning paid off; the majority of the landscape onlybrneeds watering every few weeks and very few weeds have come up. Dense shadebrareas and thick plantings reduce the germination of weeds and their ability tobrspread into open spaces.


Sue loves spending time in her garden. She commented that when she thinks aboutbrher yard, she feels a combined sense of pride and relaxation. As a designer, itbrbrings me great joy in knowing that Sue has created a landscape that isbrreflective of her. Sue says her friends and neighbors are pleased by the uniquebrlandscape she’s created. She mentioned joggers have made her yard a regularbrpicnic stop because they enjoy the space so much. Even the pets love it -brcongrats to Sue on a job well done! I encourage you to call me and let’s startbryour own garden paradise.

Phillip Elbert
Landscape Designer
(361) 992-9674