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Strengthening More Than the Core

Bayside Pilates is home to a robust and inclusive Pilates community.

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photos by: Lillian Reitz

With the main focus of the practice being to strengthen the whole body, starting with the core, Pilates transforms and enhances physical capabilities through scientific principles of movement that are both fun and formative. Luckily for us, Bayside Pilates is home to a robust and inclusive community of locals who share the same enthusiasm for what Pilates has done for them. 

Bayside Pilates owner Tori Froemke moved to Corpus Christi from Odessa 10 years ago to complete her business degree at TAMU-CC. Post-graduation, Froemke worked a “normal” business degree job and discovered she didn’t quite love it.

“I always had a love for health fitness and exercise,” says Froemke. “I discovered Bayside Pilates – where I took my first ever Pilates reformer class. I eventually decided to give it a go and make a career out of it because it helped and inspired me so much. I left my full-time job to study and practice full-time.”

“I’ll never forget my first Pilates class. I’m not sure exactly what I thought it was going to be like, but at the time, I was very into weight lifting, kickboxing, circuit training, and the like,” Froemke continues. “I thought I would breeze through it, but man, I was surprised at how challenging it was for me. It exposed weaknesses I didn’t even know I had – until I knew!”

After working at Bayside for only two years, Froemke received an offer to own the studio. “I never dreamed such an opportunity would present itself, but I was and still am excited about the opportunity.”

Since the transition, not much has changed. Froemke says it’s the same Bayside Pilates she fell in love with at first. Froemke shares how her fantastic team – it’s wholly owned and operated by women – has worked to make the best of circumstances during the pandemic. 

“Not much has changed, as we never shared equipment before the pandemic, and it’s always been standard practice to sanitize everything between every use. However, we have spaced out classes and the equipment to accommodate social distancing.” 

Bayside Pilates offers one-on-one training, private classes for two, and semi-private courses that serve a group of six at most for individualized focus. General classes are open level for beginners or advanced patrons alike. The boutique studio also offers fitness classes including barre and yoga. 

At Bayside Pilates, you can expect your experience to be kind of mind-blowing, from discovering what your body can do to the warm and professional teachers, and most of all, the self-pride as you walk out the door.


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