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Step Into The Dark Side of Beauty

The Beauty Dungeon is ready to celebrate with frozen margs and facials

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos Courtesy of The Beauty Dungeon

Are you down to revamp your ideas of beauty? The Beauty Dungeon officially opens its gates to a new location this weekend – a milestone for one of the fastest growing local spas in Corpus Christi. Along with some frozen margs, the growth of the Dungeon is ready to bring on the relaxation glow.

“We are team of creative, passionate artists unique to the beauty industry…. doing it with a touch of the dark side,” Gabbie Prado mentions this quote as one the Dungeon girls live and work by.

The Beauty Dungeon’s four spirited estheticians offer a variety of personal skin care treatments, body treatments, to all over facial and body waxing. Although the Beauty Dungeon is famous for their brow shaping (look out for that “archgang” merch), helping people feel confident in themselves through whatever service it may be is what their multi-functional spa is about.

Photo Courtesy of The Beauty Dungeon

Ashley Monique, Ciara Page, Gabbie Prado and Veronica Gonzalez are all graduates from the Aveda institute. Their one year anniversary of a beauty company that started with JUST Monique and Page is being celebrated with the addition of Prado, Gonzalez, and a serious new location expansion.

Their team has also expanded to include Ava Mynx as an on call makeup artist and Lauren Schroeter as a massage therapist.

On a darker note, services are not all that’s going to be offered with the expansion of the Beauty Dungeon. One of a kind highlighters will make their debut on their grand opening – Sinful Flesh Flow – from a collaboration with makeup artist Frank Reyna with Frank Artistry. It’ll come in four different shades.

Skin Care products, gift cards, and merch will also be made available for purchase. Since the grand opening will be on a Friday, you can still look forward to walk-in specials as is done every Friday by the spa.

The grand opening will be all day on Friday, October 19th starting at 10:30 AM and winding down around 6 or 7.  Beauty Dungeon giveaways will be hourly.Check out their Facebook page for more information: