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Starting a New Life in Style

A newlywed couple in Aransas Pass shares how they designed a new home built just for them—so they’d have the perfect place to build their new lives together.

Photos provided by Hogan Homes

Meet the Camacks

Terry and Sara, both San Antonio natives, are a newlywed couple who relocated to the Aransas Pass area. Terry (left) is a police officer for Aransas Pass and Sara (right) is a teacher at Rockport Middle School. They are first-time homeowners and new to the home-build experience.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

For most couples in the market for a new home, finding the perfect neighborhood can be tricky. In this case, Terry had a preview of the Aransas Pass community while working as a police officer.

“I love the community I work in and wanted to live close by,” said Terry. “The subdivision is friendly, and everyone looks after one another.”

The Harbor Heights neighborhood they chose offers an expansive community with ample green spaces, minimal traffic, winding sidewalks through oak trees and schools within walking distance. Plus, there’s easy access to fishing spots from the Aransas Bay to Gulf waters.

“And who doesn’t want to live close to the water?” added Terry.

Tip: Whether you’re working with a realtor or a new home builder, it’s important to make sure they know the ins and outs of the area. Even better: there’s no stronger vote of confidence than a consultant who lives in the neighborhood or type of home you’re looking to move into.

Existing or New-build – That Was the Question

“We wanted to add the details we liked vs. doing additional work after buying.”
Terry and Sara ready to step into their newly built home customized with all their selected features.

With their perfect neighborhood in mind, Sara and Terry began checking out existing houses on the market. They quickly realized that buying an already-built home might be faster, but it came with a trade-off.

“With older homes, it was made to someone else’s liking,” said Terry. “We wanted to make this place ours, with all the little things that would make it feel like home.”

For Terry and Sara, their must-haves were:

  • A rainfall showerhead
  • A spacious living room
  • A big master bedroom
  • A big kitchen – Terry loves to cook!

“I also love how the back porch is fully covered and extended to the end of the house,” said Terry.

Happily married and enjoying life!
Tip: For many home buyers, once they decide to buy, they want it NOW. Remember to take your time and think about the details that are important to you and your family. With a list of must-haves in mind, you can work with your realtor or home builder to point you in the right direction.

The details made a difference

“Whenever I had a question, we got an answer quickly.”

Once Terry and Sara decided to build their dream home from scratch, they did a little research and found Hogan Homes was the best fit for the area, their budget and how they wanted to work. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know the right people.

“Sara knew Senior Sales Consultant Brittany Rohloff from college,” said Terry. “Once we connected with her at Hogan Homes, we immediately knew we were in good hands.”

Throughout the build journey, Brittany guided the couple with care and compassion—even when surprises or setbacks popped up. She made sure the process was smooth and enjoyable so the couple could keep the most important thing in mind: getting a home they would absolutely love.

“Brittany was there to help since day one,” said Terry. “She went above and beyond to expedite the process and answer all our questions. We really appreciated it.”

Tip: When you’re working with a team to help you find your dream home, make sure they’re asking you the big questions, too. They’re there to help guide you along, but you and your family should be the ones driving the decision-making.
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