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Sophia Ommani-Lusins’s Go-To Beauty Products

Local OB/GYN shares her simple seven-step skincare routine

By: Sophia Ommani-Lusins’s   Photo by: Rachel Benavides

The earliest memories I have of my mother revolve around her skincare regimen. I remember watching nightly as she washed her face, applied a variety of products, and along the way imparted a tip or two. She educated my sister and me on a simple skincare regimen at the early age of 8, which is something I have imparted to my 10-year-old and my 7-year-old twins. 

 My routine used to look something like washing my face, applying rubbing alcohol (gasp!) to clear the complexion, piercing Vitamin E capsules to apply as a homemade serum, and following up with a moisturizer at least twice per day.  

I am now in my 40s, a wife, a mother of three, and an OB/GYN in a very busy group, all of which have influenced my current routine. It is very important to evolve as the science behind facial products and procedures advances. I am a firm believer in switching your products at least every 6 months to accommodate for skin changes with the season and weather changes, and am now incorporating the use of IV nutrition+ hydration to administer high dose glutathione, collagen, and biotin at least twice per month through 361 Wellness. As far as beauty products go, these are a few of my current go-tos.

  • Revision Skincare Brightening Facial Wash – Although I do incorporate a variety of products in different lines, I have recently loved the results from the Revision Skincare line. Revision products are backed by a panel of scientists and physicians to ensure optimum results through extensive clinical trials. Every morning and evening I wash my face with this cleanser. This product is ultra-rich with both alpha and beta hydroxy acids to remove the day’s impurities and dead surface cells while leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.  – Available at Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery & 361 Beauty

  • Dry Brushing – Three times per week I follow with dry brushing my face, which is a technique I learned with the amazing Tina Lain (owner of Gold Dust Cosmetic Collective) through one of her master classes over 2 years ago. Dry brushing assists with exfoliation, lymphatic drainage (which decreases swelling), and wrinkle prevention. – Available at various beauty retailers

  • Kerstin Florian Correcting Brightening Eye Cream & Revision Skincare D-E-J Eye Cream – With call coverage at the hospital keeping me awake for up to 32 hours at a time, my under-eye care is very important, as these are the “gateways” to the face. My favorite products are Correcting Brightening Eye Cream by Kerstin Florian and D-E-J eye cream through Revision Skincare. D-E-J has won quite a few awards in the past two years and is clinically proven to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to plumping the area. This also works wonders the evening of or morning after a social event or a few drinks with friends. – First available at Skincare Butik, Second available at Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

  • Osmosis MD Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum – I follow eye cream up with a product I have recently purchased called Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum by Osmosis MD medical skincare. This serum is amazing in increasing firmness, reducing the appearance of broken capillaries, and reducing redness (which we all now need with the regular use of masks). – Available at Skincare Butik

  • C+ Correcting Complex – Next, I follow with C+ Correcting Complex, which is an exclusive antioxidant blend with MelaPath technology by Revision Skincare. MelaPath is a patent-pending blend of powerful antioxidants designed to combat free radicals. – Available at Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery & 361 Beauty

  • Retinol Complete 0.5 – I finish every other night with a product containing retinol, my favorite being Retinol Complete 0.5 by Revision Skincare. This award-winning serum helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens and plumps the skin, and boosts your hydration levels. – Available at Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery & 361 Beauty