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Shopping Local Just Got More Surprising!

We sat down with owners of CC Blissbox to learn about a new way to support Coastal Bend businesses.

What exactly is Blissbox?

CC Blissbox is a local monthly subscription box. Each month, subscribers will receive a delightful package of locally handcrafted items delivered to their door. The top of the box is designed by a different local artist every month. We also give a portion of the proceeds to local charities.

How did you come up with this idea; what is the inspiration?

CC Blissbox was inspired through self-discovery. I found myself carelessly driving to a certain large coffee chain every morning on my way to work, regularly strolling through big box stores to “grab a few things.” Like many Americans, I was a consumer driven by convenience. I began to strive to be more self-aware and mindful of my impacts. I wanted to start shopping small more often, but buying mass-produced was so darn easy. Then, one day I really did have that “light-bulb” moment: if I could make buying local easier for everyone, maybe they too would feel more inclined to purchase local items in their daily lives, as part of their everyday routine. I then decided to make it as easy as possible by delivering these great products right to their doorstep.

Why is supporting local businesses so important?

We create a bold statement with every purchase we make. When we buy locally-made products, we are supporting the community rather than a national corporation. The money re-circulates within the Coastal Bend and helps local businesses thrive. We also encourage Corpus Christi to keep its unique character instead of becoming an enormous strip mall. Not to mention, shopping local will always have much less of an environmental impact than purchasing something mass-produced and made overseas.

What types of products/goods can people expect to find in the box?

To give somewhat of an idea, subscribers can expect to receive lifestyle, beauty, skincare, & wellness products. And yes, sometimes there will be food items in the box (food will always be vegan). We believe that part of the thrill of receiving a Blissbox is the mystery of it, so we definitely don’t want to spoil the fun and give too much away. Rest assured, we have partnered with amazing creators to provide subscribers with the best small-batch products in Corpus Christi, and our list continues to grow.

What are your plans for Blissbox as time progresses?

We would love to be successful and watch our success flow back into the community. The more CC Blissbox succeeds, the more our community thrives.

Why should people subscribe to Blissbox?

Not only will subscribers receive the best local products Corpus Christi has to offer, but it also happens to be one of the simplest ways to support local on many levels. With each box, subscribers are supporting small businesses and artists and helping us donate to non-profits. Not to mention, receiving Blissbox is a monthly reminder of how awesome our community is. It may cause subscribers to slow down and be a little more mindful with their future purchases. Subscribing also encourages creativity and compassion to flourish throughout our community.  

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