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Settling In

Creating a space in your home devoted to comfort, relaxation, and good reading

By: Kylie Kinnett  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Having a dedicated reading nook in your home helps you unwind and escape your everyday stresses. All you need is a cozy corner, a comfortable chair, blankets, pillows, and a captivating book. Make your nook even more inviting by adding your own stylistic touches with soft textures and pops of color.

Toss your favorite throw blankets over the back of your chair or roll them up in a decorative basket. Add trendy faux fur throws and an assortment of decorative pillows in all shapes and sizes.  A pile of pillows on the floor brings even more color and patterns to the space. Tie in the floor pillows by ditching a bookshelf and simply stacking a few books near your chair. Don’t forget a warm rug beneath your feet.

A tall reading lamp with an interesting base and a calm, neutral shade will provide style and ample lighting. And for the final touch, an aromatic candle will fill the room with relaxing fragrance. Now all you have to do is go pick up your favorite book and get to reading!


Thirteen & Market:
Signature Pillow Cover $32.99
Faux Fur Throw: $34.99
Tabasco Basket: $49.99 (set of 2)
Lux Blanket Scarfs: $23.99

Chic to Chic:
Lollia Candle – Summer of 1982: $36
Charade Pillow: $79
Cabaret Flame Pillow: $139