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Roll with It

Storage made simple.

Words by: JoAnne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Now that winter is upon us in the Coastal Bend, we have an excuse to wear those warm boots and scarves that hide out in the closet until the perfect chilly day. 

I always keep a basket by my front door to store all my winter accessories in. This makes for an easy drop off point or grab-n-go as you exit. I like to choose my winter accessory as to what the day’s outfit is and having it by the door is the best way to have easy access. 

Keeping coats, boots, and other items in your entryway can sometimes cause a cluttered feel. However, this simple and easy DIY rolling basket allows you to keep your space clean and simple and still have all your last-minute accessories by the door, ready to go!

Taking storage a step further this time, I added a big basket to store winter boots. Using a large basket, I added rolling casters to the bottom, as easy DIY. Casters are found in any hardware store and can be easily attached with the mechanisms included. This allows you to roll the basket from door to door, front to back, and also brings the storage up off the floor.

I used a wicker basket, but any wooden tray will do too. Look around your favorite home decor store and you’ll be surprised how many large trays are waiting on the shelves. 

So, for a few (short) weeks this time of year, you can enjoy easy access to boots and more right by your door. Cute, convenient, and easy—what more could you ask for!