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Rockport Retreat at The Reserve

A Texas couple find their retirement hideaway in The Reserve at St. Charles Bay.

patio overlooking the water at a house at The Reserve

Photos by: Jason Page

San Antonio residents Julie Jenkins and Terri Hailey have been drawn to the seaside their whole lives. “I grew up going to the East Coast every summer,” Jenkins recalled. “Rockport reminds me of St. Simons Island in Georgia, which is where I went as a child.” After owning a home in Rockport for the past 19 years, Jenkins and Hailey were ready for a change and a home in The Reserve provided that.

“We wanted to be closer to the water. That’s why we picked The Reserve. This community is off the beaten path. It’s a beautiful community. We had friends that were living at The Reserve, and after seeing their house, we thought it’d be a great place for us,” said Jenkins. “Everyone is so welcoming, upbeat, relaxed. Our neighbors even threw us a welcoming party,” added Hailey.

house with pool at The Reserve

Aside from the breathtaking water views of the canal and bay, Jenkins and Hailey had a list of requirements for their new vacation home. “We wanted a large patio, a large space in the back and an open feel throughout the house,” Jenkins said.

The new build’s high ceilings, large entertaining area and expansive windows accomplish that open feel. To achieve their desired design style, Jenkins and Hailey worked closely with builder Mark Emery and decorator Lori Pruett. “We knew there was no way we would move into this house without a decorator helping us with the design,” said Jenkins. “[Pruett] exceeded our expectations. She knew our taste, and we trusted her. We couldn’t be any happier,” Hailey added.

living room in a house at The Reserve

Pruett was equally thrilled working with the homeowners, saying that Jenkins and Hailey “were wonderful to work with and trusted the process. They’re very active, busy and fun clients, so I wanted to invoke a calm, relaxing retreat. The nature views surrounding the home very much inspired the design.”

That design includes large-scale, colorful art, a color palette of blues, aquas, sands and stones, and natural materials like driftwood, cane and glass. The mix of textures and patterns creates a bold and fun space. These lively patterns are balanced with classic design elements like the neutral shiplap, white shaker kitchen cabinets and wooden beams.

The living room, which is open to the kitchen and dining room, features enough seating for a large group, a modern fireplace with a natural wood mantel and stunning views of the canal. However, the upstairs loft is the homeowners’ favorite. “I love the fabric and colors up there. It’s the perfect reading nook,” Hailey said. “I wanted to make that a fun little area, but we had to be creative with it since it’s a small space. We added swivel chairs and a chaise, and now it’s a fun and relaxing spot,” Pruett added.

dining room at a house at The Reserve

Jenkins and Hailey are overjoyed with the results. “[Pruett] kept telling us to have an open mind, which made the process fun. Without Pruett [and her team], who knows what our home would have looked like?” said Jenkins. “Our home is a reflection of who we are, but also, we’ve both worked really hard and are at the end of our careers. Retirement is a difficult transition; this house will make that transition a lot easier. It’s a reward after a long career.”