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Rockport-Fulton Art Colony Symposium Brings the Coast to Life

Celebrating 74 years of art and culture in the Coastal Bend with live Plein air painting, panel discussions, and more.

Photography by Rachel Benavides

Since 1948, Rockport-Fulton has been home to Texas’ oldest art colony, with quite a history to tell. In celebration of 74 years, The Rockport-Fulton Art Colony Symposium will host plein air painters capturing the windswept trees, lighthouse, harbors with shrimp and oyster boats, bait stands and historic buildings that have inspired artists for decades, along with a variety of other events on June 17th through 19th.

On top of hosting a handful of incredibly talented artists and creators, the free symposium will host art historians, colony founders and artists, in conjunction with the release of a book chronicling the history of the colony published by Texas A&M University Press – The Story of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony: How a Coastal Texas Town Became an Art Enclave by Kay Betz and Vickie Merchant. Other speakers include renowned Texas art historians and authors, William and Linda Reaves, discussing “The Allure of Sand and Sea: Coastal Painting Traditions in Early Texas Art.”

Come discover the many styles that engulf the heart of the Coastal Bend’s art scene, showcasing the Gulf Coast’s aesthetic, a regional school of landscape art, through pop-art exhibits and artist demonstrations. The event is free, open to the public, and sponsored by the Rockport Cultural Arts District in collaboration with the Fulton Mansion, History Center for Aransas County, Rockport Railroad Depot Museum, and Texas Maritime Museum.

For more information visit the Rockport Cultural Arts District website.