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Rise and Shine with the Perfect At-Home Coffee Bar

Expand your Caffeination Station

By: Jo Anne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

A fresh cup of coffee never goes out of style. However, a cluttered counter with an unorganized coffee mess – a java jumble, perhaps – isn’t ever quite in style. Carving out a space in your kitchen for a coffee bar not only brings ease to the brewing process, but adds décor elements to the space.  

A coffee bar also helps to streamline your routine, which makes mornings on the go more efficient. An area of your counter, island, or pantry, or even a stand-alone bar cart, is a perfect option to create your set- up. Customizing your coffee bar with the accessories and tools that fit your desired coffee preferences is easy! Make a list of your must-have items and then add in personal touches for an aesthetically pleasing pick-me-up in more ways than one.  

Coffee Talk:

– Un-clutter your counter by keeping accoutrements contained in trays or various decorative containers.

– Style your coffee bar with accessories or tools you may not use as often on higher shelves. 

– Display your favorite mugs and saucers! This aids in styling the overall look, and also helps visiting guests know they can help themselves to a cup of joe. 

– Keep beans and grounds displayed in unique glass vessels at eye level, as they double as décor and provide easy access for those mornings when you’re in a rush. 

Get the look:

Glass Vessels, Gold Bowls, and Pitcher H. Lancaster Co. 
French Press, Chemex, Filters, and Sugar and Cream Set, Larder at Hotel Emma
Wooden Trays and Bowls, Stylist’s Personal Collection