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Residing in Art

Newly renovated and placed on the edge of King Ranch, this unique house is akin to an artist’s masterpiece, uniting rustic and modern elements in a livable space

Words: Alexa Alley  Photos: Jason Page

Dave Resendez’s beautiful home sits on the southernmost part of residential Corpus Christi in the Lago Vista neighborhood. The country feel of the backyard is juxtaposed with the light, modern and open space of the inside, with a light touch of rustic elements.

“You would never recognize what the house looked like before the renovations,” Dave says. As someone who has lived in multiple places, he can honestly say that “this is the nicest house I have ever lived in,” and he owes it all to design master, Dorsey Shedd. When asked about the house, Resendez is quick to express that the space is so beautiful and unique because of Shedd’s vision and talent.

“My taste is a combination of rustic and modern,” Resendez states. Dorsey has perfectly married those two distinctive preferences in an extraordinary way. The cool tones of the living room contrast with the kitchen, which features large wooden posts and a wooden dining table that Resendez said Shedd “envisioned all from a piece of wood on the side of the road.” The large kitchen, with granite countertops, multiple cabinets, and a wrap around bar flows into the dining and living areas for one open space, brought together by large floral arrangements placed throughout the area.  

“Everything you see in the house was Dorsey,” Dave says. From the architecture to the decor and everything in between, her artistic vision made the house what it is, a one-of-a-kind home. “I gave her a budget and let her do her thing, and the results surpassed all my expectations.”

The house sits on a spacious lot. In front, families ride bikes and enjoy the neighborhood, while in the back the property teems with wildlife. With the King Ranch border fence right past the backyard, it is the ideal location to have the country feel and still be able to live in a neighborhood. Dave recalls multiple times when he saw deer and other wildlife that you just can’t see if you live farther into town. “It’s a really unique, quiet and enjoyable location,” remarks Dave. “At night you are far away from the city lights to see the stars and hear the sounds of wildlife just past my fence.”  

Having moved in this February, the house is still a new place for him. As someone who enjoys

  entertaining but can also be a homebody, he looks forward to opportunities to enjoy the new space and all it has to offer. The house has five bedrooms, four and one-half bathrooms, and a bedroom and bathroom in the upstairs loft. There is an office in the front, and a large, window-filled room complete with a custom-built pool table is in the back, overlooking the yard. The backyard features a pool and large patio area, perfect for entertaining and enjoying the natural view of King Ranch.

When describing what went into the design process, Dave said that Dorsey was able to think up a whole vision for the house that was beyond what he could have thought up on his own. “She walked through the house and immediately knew exactly what she wanted to do, and then hit the ground running.” A talent unique to artists, she was able to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. The Resendez home itself is a piece of art created with multiple mediums by an artist with a vision that came to life.