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Redefining Style

Bennett Maddox, a vibrant interior designer, defines his home’s style as romantic modern.

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

A romantic masculine ambience permeates the elegant home of Bennett Maddox and Maurice Curran. Sensuous textures, luxurious fabrics, and an inviting atmosphere fill their residence, located in the attractive Summer Wind Village subdivision.

Bennett and Maurice describe the overall feel of their home as “Romantic Modern,” a concept achieved by merging the old world with the new world. “When this concept is done well, mixing old and new elements creates a fantastic and original look for any space,” says Bennett. Although he typically keeps a style in mind when decorating his clients’ homes, the style of his own home is constantly evolving.

Luscious shades of rose gold, grey, taupe, and brown with metallic accents adorn the home. However, Bennett and Maurice’s favorite paint color is a special shade called Sharkskin, which plays tricks on the eyes. When light hits the wall, the color transposes into varied hues of taupe and gray.

The living area showcases mementos from Bennett’s childhood. He uses antlers as accents throughout the house, including large antlers placed in a vase. He calls this bold arrangement “the antler bush.” Although antlers are an increasingly popular motif in home designs, for Bennett, they are nostalgic. A cowhide rug and footstool, used as centerpieces in the living room, add to the nostalgia.

This combination of old and new transfers into the kitchen and dining area. The natural stone backsplash, granite countertops, and dark brown cabinets evoke elements of the new world, while the uneven wood planks on the farmhouse table provide a hint of the old world. To break up the monotony of solid kitchen cabinets, strategically placed books, ranging from classics to cookbooks, sit atop each cabinet, proving that sometimes the best decorations are at your fingertips.

Maintaining equilibrium is essential to Bennett’s style, and all techniques used blend together to create uniformity and glamour. Not a fan of negative space, Bennett often employs tasteful objects, much like the books in the kitchen, to cover any spots left untouched.

Bennett stands firm in his belief that anyone can have a nicely decorated home, even on a small budget. He explains that much of the romantic glam in his home is the result of DIY projects. The most impressive creation is one he calls the “cigar wall technique,” which involved crumpling parcel paper and coating it with polyurethane to set a dramatic ceiling design in the living room. The entryway also shines as a miniature upcycled art gallery. Several empty frames in varying sizes, shapes, and colors are placed within each other, creating an artistic wall accent.

Bennett’s DIY and budget savvy prowess is even reflected in the framed map of Ireland on the living room wall. The large map, which holds sentimental value for the couple, was cut into four equal pieces and placed in frames purchased at Michael’s, adding an affordable masculine touch to the romantic modern décor.

The bathrooms and bedrooms embrace the same decorating theme. While the bedrooms are elegantly simplistic in neutral hues, the bathrooms offer a jolt of color and dazzling appeal through intricate Indian styled pieces.

Bennett and Maurice’s jovial demeanor and down-to-earth souls are reflected in their master bedroom’s design. Bennett describes this area as “ironic.” While the room’s décor still holds true to the home’s glamour, it also features a few random “ feel good “ pieces. One of Bennett’s favorites is a framed picture of a fox wearing a military uniform, but nothing compares to a framed wire design, bearing Bennett’s likeness, made by their daughter. Bennett describes this part of the house as, “ the area that brings me happiness, laughter, and joy before I start my day.”

No home is complete without a stunning backyard. Two chaise lounges sporting contemporary denim pillows grace the sun deck, which looks out toward a bed of lush grass accented with giant flowerpots overflowing with colorful blossoms. A tall pergola, designed by Bennett, houses benches and a fire pit, creating a perfect spot for roasting marshmallows on a balmy South Texas evening.

Buddha statues are scattered throughout the home. Bennett strongly believes in the Buddhist message: treat others with kindness, and you will be treated with kindness in return. Bennett and Maurice incorporate this belief in the friendly aesthetic of their living space, making their home the perfect venue for entertaining as well as a place where guests can feel comfortable and serene.