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Puppy Love

Creating a space for your pet without the basic metal crate!

Words by: JoAnne Howell  Photos by: Jarred Schuetze

Having a pet at home is always such a delight. However, creating a special place for your little fur babies that does not distract from your décor can be a bit challenging. I stumbled upon these crates a few years ago and made a mental note of them in the case I could suggest them to a client…or need one myself!

Ditch the basic metal framed crates for something that won’t create an eye sore amidst the rest of your décor. These stylish crates make your pet’s area worthy of a second look and are super cozy! Add a fuzzy or blanket inside the crate to bring some texture into the mix, all while creating the most comfortable space possible for your dog or cat. Who knew pet crates could look so chic and add a design element to your home? 

You don’t have to look very far to enhance your furry friend’s spot. The crate pictured here was actually designed locally by Bespoke Collections right here in Corpus Christi! Now your pet and home can be design friendly and paw-some!

About the Product: The crate you see featured here is made by the talented Maricela Sanchez, of Bespoke Crates & Gates. By combining her artistic experiences with her love for animals, she has created an area for your beloved pets that is both practical and beautiful. These art-inspired modern crates are the perfect way to incorporate your pet’s space into your home without clashing with the rest of your décor. Each of the crates are inspired by Sanchez’s artwork, however customization is available. Visit maricelasanchez.com for more information.