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People of the Bend: Andrea Bogle

An animal lover talks world travel and career adventures.

“We moved the Germany when I was 8. I had to learn German, which I didn’t know even though my mom is German. I grew up there, went to high school there, finished high school and did my first internships in Germany in the zoos… worked with dolphins and sea lions.

Then, I went to college at U-Maine before a year abroad in Australia. I was studying marine sciences and wanted to know the different ecosystems. In Maine, we had the rocky ocean. I wanted to have a coral reef exposure, so I went to Australia for a year. Then I got my Master’s in Scotland.

Then I moved around for jobs and worked in different places around the world. In Germany, I trained film animals for German movies. In Turkey, I did dolphin therapy. But I missed being in one of my countries, so I moved back to the states, to head up training at the facility in Chicago. Then, I came to Corpus Christi for a job at the aquarium… Did that and my dog training business on the side. Then, my business blew up, so I quit to do it full time.

Aber ich spreche immer noch Deutsch und ich rede viel mit meiner Schwester und meiner Mutter auf Deutsch.”

Translation: But, I still speak German and I talk to my sister and my mom a lot in German.