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Peace, Love, & Soap

Skincare the all-natural way

Words by: Alexa Alley  Photos by: Brynn Osborn

What started out as a hobby—making homemade soaps and lotions for gifts—has now turned into a business built around taking care of the largest organ in the body, the skin. “My grandma was always really young looking and always took vitamins for her skin,” Judith Myers mentions when speaking about her initial inspiration to care about her skin.

Judith, the brains behind Hippie Chick Soap and Body Works, has always had a “passion for creating” which has led her to create skin products using traditional methods without any unnecessary chemicals or detergents.

As a cosmetologist, Judith places a large value on skincare, and wanted to create something that was going to be 100% clean and beneficial to your skin. As opposed to many commercial products full of parabens and endocrine disruptors, all products from Hippie Chick Soap and Body Works are made using natural oils, milks, vitamins, butters and extracts. All ingredients are printed on the front of the bottle so each customer knows exactly what they are putting on their skin.

Judith started experimenting with soaps first, using a melt and pour base, but has now expanded into lotions, body sprays, lip balms and more. Her most popular product however is the lotion. Beginning with a goat milk base, (which is naturally high in Vitamin A, B6 & B12 which are believed to have rejuvenating effects on the skin), almond oil and shea butter are then added for moisturizing effects and fragrance. Coming soon to the ever-growing product line is a mature skin balm, Luxe face cream and serum formulated with an essential oil blend designed to support anti-aging in the skin.

As is evident in the content of all her products, skincare is about being healthy and taking care of the body, because, after all, “we should feed our skin like we feed ourselves,” Judith believes. That is, with ingredients that will promote better looking skin, “because when you look good, you feel good!”


Judith makes all of her products herself and is always reading and educating herself on how all the ingredients best work together. Through trial and error, she has created a line of products that promote healthy, glowing skin. All of her products can be purchased at Shabby Shack Boutique and Alma Ann Boutique, as well as on her Etsy shop launching soon.

Shabby Shack Boutique

4329 Violet Rd., Corpus Christi, Texas 78410

Aunt Alma Boutique

1302 Wildcat Dr., Portland, Texas 78374