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Pax & Lucy Makes Pretty Perfect Pajamas

Local brand Pax & Lucy creates high-quality, sustainable childrenswear.

photo of Pax & Lucy pajamas

Photos provided by Pax & Lucy

Lexi and Aaron Morgan welcomed their son, Paxton, in 2020 and discovered very quickly how many tiny pajamas they would run through in a tiny window of time. After numerous late-night diaper changes, they quickly realized most baby pajamas on the market couldn’t handle the frequency of washes that come with newborn territory. Not to mention, as fast as little ones grow, the Morgans found the number of new pajamas they were going through wasn’t sustainable, either. 

“So we did what any sleep-deprived, first-time parents would do: started our own brand!” Lexi, an owner of Pax & Lucy, said comically. Together with her husband, she set out to make functional, high-quality childrenswear complete with features like double-zippers, fold-over mittens and fold-over feet to make diaper changes a breeze and protect newborns from scratching their faces. These premium features are made to convert from a footed sleeper to a footless romper for an easy sleep-to-play transition. 

photo of Pax & Lucy pajamas
Photo provided by Pax & Lucy

“Our pajamas are designed to grow with your child,” Lexi said, “so that they fit much longer than standard pajamas and reduce the amount parents will have to buy.”

What started as two parents needing a product that was more conducive to the demands of their new baby had turned into a full-fledged business as of August 2022 when Pax & Lucy officially launched. The owners then welcomed their daughter, Eleanor, later that year. “Eleanor inspired us to expand Pax & Lucy into smocked childrenswear,” Lexi said. “Today, we offer a variety of pajamas, crib sheets and smocked daywear.”

The Morgans spent over a year researching and sampling fabrics to find one that checked all the boxes; including using Tencel Modal (an environmentally responsible fabric made from beech wood) for all pajamas, sheets and blankets because it’s “buttery soft, stretchy and manufactured in a closed-loop system where the solvents are recycled instead of being released into the environment,” explained Lexi. 

Pax & Lucy models
Photo provided by Pax & Lucy

Pax & Lucy fabric is one of the most sustainable on the market; its pajamas are two times softer than cotton and regulate temperature to keep babies cozy all year long. And as an added benefit for parents, they can handle frequent washing.

Pax & Lucy only hopes to continue expanding in 2024. Having recently added a new smocked daywear collection, it is looking to release new pajama prints and increase the wholesale side of the business. One of its newest offerings is personalized pre-orders so customers can add a name to their smock. “These adorable styles have been very popular, and we plan to expand this collection,” Lexi said. 

Pax & Lucy stays true to the Morgans’ mission of making fun, flexible and sustainable childrenswear that grows with each child and relieves parents of some of those middle-of-the-night headaches during the newborn stage.

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