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Oyshi’s Sensational Sushi

Delectable dishes for the end of your chopsticks

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Oyshi Sushi is a fresh, inviting sushi spot with a revitalizing take on Asian-style cuisine. With a diversified menu and an ever-growing sushi list, its three locations are welcome to anyone who wants to try something new.

Joining tradition with culinary modernity, Oyshi Sushi by Sith has offered a unique dining experience to the Coastal Bend since opening its doors in 2013. The venture began in its Portland location, and continued into Calallen, then on to the Southside of Corpus Christi. Since then, the sushi and Thai spot has consistently introduced locals to new flavors. 

Besides being known for its synergetic sushi collection, Oyshi specializes in high-quality Japanese and Thai inspired food. The kitchen’s dishes vary from spicy Mongolian to different hibachi-style dishes to traditional sashimi preparation. 

The salmon mango curry is from the original menu created by owner Sith when he and his wife came to the States from Laos and experimented in the dining scene. Justifiably, it stuck—and now remains a local favorite, or a delicious way to introduce an expanding foodie to some really good authentic curry. 

“The salmon mango curry is a sweet and spicy dish; it all starts with the red curry, which is homemade with our own spices,” said Southside manager Carson Nemeth. “A lot of people like to mix white rice into the curry—it kind of soaks it all up nicely.”

For being one of the most popular plates, this one sure is a looker: a beautifully pan-fried salmon resting on a thick, warm blanket of curry, accompanied by fresh cut mango cubes and sliced avocado, in a plate big enough to eat with your eyes. The sweet mango and the spicy coconut milk-based curry flavors dance with each other, and the salmon gives up so tenderly to a chopstick.

At Oyshi Sushi, sometimes customers have ended up as the best collaborators. Alongside the original Oyshi creations, the extensive sushi menu is joined by rolls that ended up being really tasty customs; that’s the origin of the Christie, the James, or the Spicy Diane. “We have over 50 rolls on the menu we created, and over 20 that were created by our customers and friends,” Nemeth said.

Typically, the delicious dishes at Oyshi come from innovation; this is how the kitchen came up with one of its new appetizers: shotgun shells, a hot new take on the classic crab Rangoon. 

When it comes to the variety of flavor and creativity residing on Oyshi’s menu, the bar is set high. But don’t take our word for it—you’ll have to experience its innovation and essence for yourself.