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Open House: Chalet by The Bay

Take a glimpse in the home that encompasses the warmth of a cabin in the mountains with a spectacular view of the bay.

Words by: Alexa Alley  Photos by: Jason Page

When walking into the Belle home, on the corner of Naples and Ocean Drive in arguably one of the most scenic spots in Corpus, this majestic abode is equally warm as it is breathtaking. With windows lining all sides of the house, light shines in as a stark contrast to the warm tones and wood accents that run throughout the house. The large wooden staircase centered in the living area serves as the focal point and sets the tone for the mountain house feel.

“We have a home in Breckenridge, Colorado and we often say that this house would go just as perfectly in the mountains as it does here,” Deidre Belle says. Between the large stone fireplace and high, wood-beamed ceilings, the house definitely feels like it was inspired by a cabin in the mountains—just a little more grandiose.

With an open floor plan, the living area runs right into a large kitchen equipped with everything you would need for entertaining. With granite countertops, two large islands and plenty of cabinet space, the kitchen serves as the perfect place for catering to large and small gatherings alike. “I love that you can see the bay when standing in the kitchen,” Deidre remarks about how their home has allowed them to experience so much natural beauty just outside their window while living in the ordinary day-to-day. It seems that wherever you are in the house, you can look up and see the bay outside the window. This makes the house incredibly unique and naturally beautiful.

The outdoor patio complete with a dark bottom swimming pool creates the perfect outdoor oasis to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Bill and Deidre both agree that their favorite aspect of their home is the fact that it is a comfortable place to relax and a commonplace for their families to gather. “We are really low-key people. Our favorite times in our home have been when all our family and children are gathered here hanging out and catching up on life,” Deidre says.

The house, though grand in nature, has a warm feeling to it that goes beyond color palettes and decor. The layout has been thoughtfully put together with comfort and ease in mind. With several sitting areas in the living space—one with couches facing the fireplace and another with four swivel chairs in front of the kitchen bar—they both mention how nice it is to wind down at the end of the day in a living space that is comfortable for them.

It does not take long to recognize the laid back, but put together presence of the Belles, as is reflected in the style of their home. “I like that the house is already so beautiful and comfortable that we didn’t really have to put much effort into decorating,” Deidre says. The architecture alone has a striking presence leaving little necessity for very much additional decor.

As for the neighborhood, they both agree that it does not get much better for a place to live in Corpus Christi. With Bill’s family all living in the neighborhood, and him growing up just down the street, the accessibility to the most beautiful parts of Corpus has kept them residing in the area. With new developments constantly taking shape, especially in the downtown area, their residence on Naples has allowed them to be part of the action, but also keep their family close, which, for them, has proven to be the most important.