Jo Anne Howell of Oh Goodie Designs Shares Fridge Organization Tips

Jo Anne Howell of Oh Goodie Designs Shares Fridge Organization Tips

How to attain a visually appealing, organized fridge and why.

If you’ve been on the internet at all lately, you’ve probably come across aesthetically pleasing photos of perfectly arranged refrigerator contents. While there is an important efficiency factor to this organizational task, there are a couple of other reasons why color-coordinating your sparkling waters and emptying out all your berries from one plastic container to another makes perfect sense. Jo Anne Howell of Oh Goodie Designs is here to share her tips for achieving a perfectly organized fridge.

photos of a perfectly organized fridge
Photography by Rachel Benavides

Organizing the items in your fridge to please the eye can help with food waste. With your food and beverages displayed in an attractive way, they can seem more appealing to eat. Presentation is everything when it comes to cuisine … even when it’s just being stored! Plus, when you can clearly see everything available, you’re less likely to buy something at the store that it turns out you don’t actually need.

While keeping a perfectly organized fridge certainly turns into a daily chore, you might just find satisfying pleasure in the ongoing results. After Marie Kondo-ing practically everything else in our life, bringing a little joy to the refrigerator is a natural next step.

Happy Organizing – Tips & Tricks

  • First thing’s first: Give your fridge a good deep clean. Throw away anything you don’t use, check expiration dates on those salad dressing bottles you’ve had for years, and wipe down each shelf.
  • Remove items like fruit, eggs, and sodas from their plastic bags and cardboard boxes for a cleaner look.
  • Purchase a variety of clear bins to make organizing easier. Make sure you think about what shapes and styles work best for your fridge size and contents before you buy them.
  • Putting items in practical spots for temperature reasons will help things like produce last longer. Place more perishable items closer to the front. When you can’t see an item, you’re more likely not to eat it.

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