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No Fire? No Problem.

Non-traditional fireplaces done right

By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

I used to think non-working fire-places were extremely pointless. That is, until I moved into a home with a non-working fireplace. I had tons of ideas on how to transform this non-traditional space. Hop on Pinterest and search “decorating fake fireplaces” and you will be amazed by the amount of results. So, I figured there were others out there who might be struggling with what to do about their fireless fireplace. Here are a few of our recommendations!

Green House


There is something about having an absurd amount of plants in your home that just makes you feel better. Sure, some house plants purify the air and maybe that has something to do with it, but there’s more to it. A non-working fireplace is the perfect spot to bunch your favorite plants together. By choosing plants of various heights, colors, and textures, you can create your own little greenhouse right in the living room. We paired this vintage mid-century modern magazine rack with our selection of plants and the space came together perfectly. 


Vintage magazine rack purchased from Olive Blue Resale. 
Plants purchased at South Texas Botanical Gardens Annual Big Bloom Plant Sale

Roman Chic

This look will definitely cater to the simplistic bunch – you know, less is more and whatnot. Finding an assortment of vases that fit your particular preferences and arranging them inside the fireplace makes for a minimal and elegant space. We opted for these roman-esque sculpted head vases and a third vase that features the same raw textures, yet adds a pop of color through the bronze finishing up top. Artfully place your favorite stack of books and a tray of candles on top and viola: a sophisticated fake fireplace. 


Pictured items available for purchase at Chic to Chic 


Colorful Comfort

Using your pesky non-working fireplace as a method to store blankets and pillows is quite frankly genius (and simple). Gather your favorite cozy items and thoughtfully arrange them within the space. If you have a neutral colored fireplace like so, you can use this as a way to bring pops of color into the room. Find brightly colored baskets, throws, and other relaxation necessities and you’ve got yourself an exposed storage without lacking any style. 


Pictured items available to purchase at Pilar Lifestyles