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New Restaurant Wild Prawn Packs a Culinary Punch

Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Eat, drink, relax. That’s the mantra of Wild Prawn in Rockport. Melissa Le, who owns and operates it with her husband Chris, said the restaurant is bringing “a unique twist in flavor to the Coastal Bend.” Wild Prawn serves exquisite dishes ranging from delicious seafood plates such as a mouthwatering Chilean sea bass to savory steaks and a rotation of homemade soups of the day.

Even though its opening was in June of 2021, Wild Prawn is a restaurant with roots in our community, as the Les were private chefs for 15 years before starting this venture. Melissa and Chris illustrate their background, history and passion through Wild Prawn by observing the quality of their ingredients and refining their culinary art — everything on the menu is made fresh daily, and the restaurant doesn’t even have a walk-in cooler. Chris’ mother was the first woman shrimp boat captain in the Coastal Bend in the 1980s. Her hard work is the inspiration behind the name of Wild Prawn, while Chris’ Vietnamese background bleeds into the dishes by adding some Asian techniques and ingredients to various menu items. Melissa’s favorite is the beef tenderloin with Asian ginger glaze, which is as visually stunning as it is delicious when plated.

Though the dishes definitely have an elevated flair, Wild Prawn aims to provide a simple and elegant menu for everyone to enjoy in a laid-back setting. Some customer favorites include barbacoa eggrolls, the Wild Prawn shrimp tossed in creamy chile sauce and the homemade key lime pie. If I could put it in terms of an NBA franchise, those three dishes would be the big three of the ’08 Celtics, because those dishes enjoyed in one sitting make a winning combination.

With a history in the Coastal Bend and a dedication to serving both locals and visitors of Rockport, the Les provide a fine establishment for good food. This promising young restaurant is a homecoming for a family to share their culinary gift with the surrounding area.