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New Corpus Christi FC Coaching Duo Looks to Continue Upward Momentum

Corpus Christi FC looks to make waves as the new season brings exciting potential with new leadership

Photo by Rachel Benavides

With two new young coaches, Ignacio “Nacho” Dicun and Manuel Iwabuchi, boasting impressive resumes, local soccer team Corpus Christi FC (CCFC) is looking to continue its upward momentum. 

Iwabuchi is a local, having played for Rockport-Fulton, Texas A&M International and the local Dynamo Academy, where he has been coaching the youth team. Dicun has experience playing for Eastern New Mexico and CCFC before transferring to his coaching position after a coaching camp at the FC Barcelona facilities. With a new season ahead, the fresh coaching duo is looking to make strides this year. Building off CCFC’s first USL2 playoff appearance since the team’s genesis in 2017, the “CC Sharks” plan to improve and make a run in the playoffs this year. 

Dicun and Iwabuchi have a vision for the team. They are providing the Coastal Bend with an opportunity to foster the talent we have in the area and promote the game’s culture.

“The youth game has been growing so much in the city,” said Dicun. “We want to provide the youth environment with a chance to see the highest level of soccer in the area. People go see pro games, but we have an amazing program for the youth to learn from the experts [right here].”

Photo by Rachel Benavides

Currently, the club is comprised of players from all over the world. CCFC has attracted talent — ranging from Uruguay to Spain, Germany and Canada — to be competitive. However, the current composition of the team does not disregard the fervor the coaching duo has to encourage locals to strive and play for the club. A portion of the roster consists of local high school students. 

Focusing on player development and showcasing talent, the purpose of CCFC is to help players make it to the next level. “The beauty of CCFC is that it provides a pathway to manage the local players and develop them so they don’t have to travel,” said Iwabuchi.

With so much emphasis on providing an opportunity to the Coastal Bend, CCFC is pushing to improve the local talent with its youth academy as well. The goal is to create a successful farm for local players to get noticed and achieve their aspirations. Though some players are not from the Coastal Bend, the club members proudly wear the emblem and represent our slice of Texas on the pitch.

Photo by Rachel Benavides

“I’m excited and honored to play and represent Corpus Christi in the USL2 Championship this summer,” said Deni Cresto, the central midfielder and captain of CCFC. “With the support of the city and fans, along with our efforts on the field, I’m sure we can make something special happen this year.”

As June passes, the CC Sharks will be in the thick of the season, looking to qualify for the playoffs again. Proudly representing the 361, CCFC wants to provide a wonderful experience for fans, and this fresh coaching duo aims to deliver. Improving year over year is challenging, but with CCFC’s enthusiasm and talent, the seeds are planted to chase a playoff run and increase soccer’s support in the Coastal Bend.

Upcoming home games for CCFC will take place Saturday, June 11, and Saturday, June 25. 2022 Adult and Youth Season Tickets are available for purchase online.