Reflections of an Artistic Bond at Moon Over Water Gallery

Reflections of an Artistic Bond at Moon Over Water Gallery

Moon Over Water Gallery fosters creative connections through multimedia art displays and community workshops

Moon Over Water Gallery in Rockport, TX

Photography by Lillian Reitz

In Rockport, a town that’s no stranger to artistic flair, there’s a gem waiting to be discovered: Moon Over Water Gallery. Co-founded by twin sisters Karen Rester and Sharen Chatterton, the gallery is not just a haven for art enthusiasts, but a living manifestation of their profound bond and artistic vision.

A shared devotion to the creative process has guided Rester and Chatterton’s journey into the art world. Rooted in the belief of “listening to the wisdom of your soul,” they’ve embraced many mediums — painting with acrylics and watercolor, sculpting with clay, spinning, weaving and mixed media. Their art, as diverse as the colors of a sunset, captures emotions, textures and stories that resonate deeply with onlookers. 

Moon Over Water Gallery
Moon Over Water Gallery | Photography by  Lillian Reitz

Their artistic journey hasn’t been confined to the sisters. They’ve nurtured a community of like-minded individuals with a history of teaching mixed media, watercolor and art healing workshops across the region and online. This passion for fostering creative connections led them to establish Moon Over Water Gallery.

“We know art can heal, cheer, evoke emotion and provoke thoughtful conversations. We know that each person possesses magic that can flourish if given the space, place and time to develop it,” said Chatterton.

Showcasing the work of 18 artists and artisans, the gallery is an amalgamation of creativity, with each artist bringing a unique story to canvas, pottery wheel or sculptor’s table. Moon Over Water aspires to be more than a gallery; it symbolizes the thriving artistic community growing in Rockport and illustrates the sisters’ passion.

Moon Over Water Gallery
Moon Over Water Gallery | Photography by Lillian Reitz

And their passion for the community means their aims extend beyond the gallery’s walls. They’re not content with merely showcasing art; they actively engage the local community, inviting people to experience the transformative power of creativity through workshops in mixed media, art books and more. A particularly heartwarming initiative is their Well Wishes Banner, a tapestry where visitors share prayers, notes of gratitude and wishes. It’s a reminder that, despite our individual struggles, we are all part of a connected human experience.

Reaching a year in existence, Moon Over Water Gallery is where creativity converges with camaraderie. It’s where paintbrushes become wands and every stroke is a spell cast to transport visitors into the artist’s realm. And as the moon casts its shimmering glow over the water, this gallery casts a luminous glow over the Rockport art scene. It’s a slice of creative heaven that welcomes everyone to come explore and become a part of the magic.

Located at 302 S. Austin St., Rockport, TX 78382 | @moonoverwatergallery

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