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Mission 911 Turns Compassion into Action

Mission 911’s re-brand and new initiatives provide connection, resources and stability.

Founded in 2000 by Tony Reyes, Mission 911 began as a men’s homeless shelter and has since grown to become a beacon of hope for many vulnerable individuals and families in our community. With a recent rebrand and launch of new initiatives, it’s become much more than just a shelter for the unhoused. The organization continues to bridge the gap between poverty and stability.

Lauren Cargill, Chief Financial Officer of Mission 911, has worked tirelessly alongside Reyes to rebrand the organization and launch new initiatives to better serve the community — such as the Peace of Mind Case Management Program, which provides access to various solutions to help individuals progress toward their ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. Mission 911 offers many benefits, including case workers, a clothing closet, “Getting Ahead” classes, utility assistance and more.

Along with the new initiatives comes an enhanced brand identity, launched in April, which is crucial to the success of this program. It communicates the vision and mission to the community they serve, inviting all who need assistance or want to get involved to join them in their journey. The brand’s reimagined identity revolves around the crucial work it does for individuals in our community, as it “exists to care for individuals living in poverty in our community by connecting them with key resources to facilitate their journey toward a life of stability.” The vision is to “build connection, break the cycle of poverty and empower and create a sustainable community.”

As the CEO of Mission 911, Reyes’ dedication to the organization is palpable. His unwavering commitment to help those in need has been the driving force behind its successes. “This takes a lot of passion and understanding,” he said. “One cannot assume someone’s situation. From there, you have to work on where they want to go, filling the gap between where they are and where they need to be.”

Mission 911’s approach is rooted in compassion and love for one’s neighbor. It reflects the community it serves and values empathy, justice and human dignity above all. As Mission 911 embarks on this new journey, its personnel invite everyone to join them in creating a more just and compassionate society. Ultimately, it is not just about providing support and services to those in need, but empowering people to find their way toward lives of self-sufficiency and fulfillment.

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