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Meet Your Local Vintage Clothing Shop, VnP

Meet your local vintage shop and photography studio in the Coastal Bend

By: Luis Arjona Photo Courtesy of: TG Vision

Vintage clothing is not a new term or trend. But, both the concept and articles of clothing themselves stand the test of time. Quality clothes that have lived longer than some consumers. Important designs that fast fashion brands and “I just started a new streetwear brand” entrepreneurs have recycled in times of deflated inspiration. These coveted items, or grails, that seem unattainable are now no longer out of reach. Of course, the replicas or spin-offs will be around. However, you know those original Wu-Tang shirts going around in the 90s that you weren’t allowed to get? Or the Shania Twain merch you passed up when she was on tour in 1999? Those mistakes can now be rectified.

Thanks to Instagram, there is an evolved resurgence of vintage clothing. Gone are the days of sifting through shirts with suspicious scents and obscure stains. Compared to testing your luck going through your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, vintage stores curate a collection of thrifted or resold items that then make the experience easier to endure. This movement of Instagram stores has been prolific and booming. So much so that some of these stores gain enough traction to set up a brick and mortar. This brings me to introduce VnP (Vintage and Photography).

VnP is a local vintage shop and photography studio here in the Coastal Bend. Run by Jonathan “Jay” Winfrey and his partner Thomas G., VnP is a curated store with taste. Their doors opened on June 9th, 2018. I got to speak with Jay and learn more about the shop. He sources clothing from his travels, online, and through connections to ensure quality grails are available to customers. When discussing the reason for setting up VNP and what he hopes to bring to the community he says, “[I hope to] bring a vintage scene to Corpus Christi that does not quite exist yet.”

The shop has been closed since March when the pandemic started breaking out stateside. VnP has been maintaining itself through the roots of the vintage clothing market: E-commerce. Jay mentions that he has the inventory spread through several platforms, that will be linked below for those curious about what is in stock. E-commerce is helping the longevity of the store. They have a variety of clothing that Jay selects to make sure everyone’s taste is represented. Ensuring a positive experience to his store, both virtually and physically, VnP has a collection worth perusing.

Hats off to him and Thomas. Throughout our conversation, I could gather that this man has a good head on his shoulders (mainly due to the 5-minute conversation he entertained with a fellow shop owner as she was heading out when we were on the line. No hard feelings.). He has the charisma and drive to make his business a success. Check out what they have to offer online and keep an eye out for any news or events that they may have through their social media. We’re looking forward to seeing where they end up in the years to come. Which brings me to the conclusion of this article. Which I’ll end on a quote that made me excited both for the end of the pandemic and the trajectory of the shop:

“When I open back up, it’s going to be crazy.” – Jonathan “Jay” Winfrey


Location: 505 South Water Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Instagram: @vnpgallery

Depop:Online Store