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Meet Alyssa Barrera

The vibrant, young, and talented new director of the Downtown Management District with an unmatched passion for revitalization.

By: Alexa Alley  Photo by: Jarred Schuetze

What are you most passionate about, and how did that lead you to this new job? 
My foremost passion is to improve our downtown for the benefit of our whole city. This began when I was a child and my parents would tell me stories of downtown’s glory days. While working at the Republic of Texas and attending TAMUCC, there were many evenings working where I’d be asked by guests why there wasn’t “more going on” in such a beautiful setting. I became committed to doing something about it.

What are you most excited about this year at the Downtown Management District? 
There are so many things happening downtown this year to be excited about! The DMD is involved in rolling out some fantastic new initiatives, like expanding our Downtown Merchant Association and building an online database of vacant buildings. I am most excited about implementing new ideas to continue the downtown’s revitalization. A vibrant downtown is expected in 2018, especially when competing with bigger cities for tourists, investment, jobs and talent.

What is your favorite aspect of Corpus Christi?
My favorite aspect of Corpus Christi is its history. Our City has come such a long way and much of its history has been written downtown. My great-grandmother was born on Mestina Street in 1906. My grandparents met at a dance at the Nueces Hotel in the 1940s. My parents got their marriage license at the old Nueces County Courthouse. Downtown was the backdrop for their stories and I hope to help create a dynamic downtown the stories of future generations too.
What are your goals for the first year as Executive Director? 
The DMD has a very ambitious Service Plan for this year. My primary goal will be to execute this plan, which has over 60 items and includes making downtown clean and safe, improving the public space, and supporting businesses and special events. Another substantial goal for this year will be to engage with our community to convey the importance of downtown’s success in retaining young professionals and serving as the heart of our city.