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Local Photoshoot Hacks and Ideas

Photoshoot location ideas around the Coastal Bend

By: Joshua Maxwell Photos By: Rachel Benavides, Aaron Garcia, Levi Guzman, Joshua Maxwell

Just because COVID-19 has taken over doesn’t mean all of your summer plans have to come to an end. With summer in full swing, recent graduates are probably a little heartbroken about not being able to walk the stage or have a “normal” summer break. Luckily there’s still one activity you can participate in that actually includes the practice of social distancing. Whether you’re using a Canon Rebel or an iPhone XS Max, photography is a great way to pass the time this summer. Nothing says summer like capturing irreplaceable memories to cherish for years to come. With businesses closing or changing their operations around town, it may seem hard to find a cute 

Photo by: Aaron Garcia

 spot to take selfies at. Though Corpus Christi doesn’t have the urban flair of Austin or Dallas, there are still some nice spots in town to take a mini photoshoot at. All you need is a camera, some imagination, and a cute location to bring your artsy pictures to life. Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots to help give you that spark you need to capture that perfect photo. 

The pink wall in front of the Art Museum of South Texas

If you have ever been to the Art Museum of South Texas, then you’ve probably noticed the bright pink wall that is near the entrance. This wall was even used as a background for one of our past photoshoots. If you’re going for a colorful shot, then this wall might be the ideal spot for you. The bright pink can enhance an already colorful, and vibrant outfit to give you that strong bold look you might be aiming for. 

The wall art next to Axis Tattoo Shop

Photo by: Rachel Benavides


Axis Tattoo has more to offer than just beautiful tattoo work. Located on the Starr St. side of their establishment are murals depicting beautiful artwork. These murals also work as backgrounds for a powerful photoshoot. The tiger serves as a symbol of power in the animal kingdom, and can help give your photos the edgy and powerful flair they need. If your style leans more on the streetwear side, then you might enjoy taking a photo with this colorful space.

The Marina

Photo by: Joshua Maxwell

 When going downtown, maybe you just can’t help but notice the vast waters our city resides next to. The water is one of the many defining traits that makes Corpus Christi such a popular spot to live, work, and play. In 2019, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi was even named No. 1 “College by the Sea.” This makes the marina a perfect spot to take graduation pictures. The bright blue skies and lush greenery embody exactly what it means to be an Islander. 

Photo by: Joshua Maxwell


The white staircase 

Who said stairs were just for walking? This staircase is located on the intersection of Starr and Broadway next to the House of Rock. This white staircase is great for getting creative with your angles. You can utilize the staircase to create walking stills of your outfit in action. Emphasizing your figure is perfect when modeling on these steps. The plain white also helps to  make sure you’re the center of attention. 

Photo by: Aaron Garcia 

 A Plain White Wall

Sometimes, the best backdrop you can have is nothing at all. White space is used in photography when trying to draw attention to one particular subject. When taking photos against a white background, you have the freedom to get as creative as you want with your poses. Your outfit can be vibrant and colorful, or monochromatic and simple. No matter how you style it, a white backdrop will make sure you are the only thing worth looking at.

Rooftop Access 

Photo by: Levi Guzman

It doesn’t matter what city you’re in, when you’re on top nobody can bring you down. The same goes for rooftop photography. Heading up to a higher plane allows for an entirely new point of view. Plus, having dense city architecture in the background always allows for an interesting background to any photo. 

Photo by: Levi Guzman

 Golden Hour 

For this last one, I also recommend playing the Kacy Musgraves album of the same name for optimal photoshoot potential. When taking golden hour pictures, always aim to keep your outfit simple with minimal jewelry. Remember that natural light is your best friend during these types of photoshoots. Always position yourself to where the light casts a soft glow on your skin. Golden hour photoshoots are great for adding a natural filter to your photos. These photos can be taken either at sunrise or sunset.