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Local Artist Spotlight: Millicent Alvarado

Alvarado creates a fairytale world rooted in the reality of her own thoughts and emotions with her delicate sculptures

Photography by Lillian Reitz

Intricately poised, subtle and sophisticated, Millicent Alvarado is a creator who deserves recognition alongside some of the most ground-breaking female sculptors of our time. Her fantasy-like sculptures are a world in and of themselves that begs the viewer to take a deep look into the nuances of what’s before them. The level of artistry is that of a seasoned creator, yet she is an undergraduate student working towards her BFA. 

Being a young Latina artist with so much talent, the idea of nature versus nurture is an interesting concept to think about when it comes to Alvarado. While she was raised in a family full of creators, it feels as though she possess intrinsic artistic abilities. Simply put, once seeing her work, you get the feeling she was born to do this. 

Alvarado draws from childhood influences to create 3-D sculptural experiences that beg the viewer to reconsider sculpture as a form of fine art. Growing up, Alvarado was encouraged to explore her creativity from familial influences.  “[My] mother was always supportive of being creative and trying new things,” Alvarado explains. “Art was something she was interested in and it naturally became something we enjoyed doing, too.”

Coming from a family of creators who encourage each other’s work, Alvarado found a balance between self-discovery and self-expression that morphed into an unreplaceable style of infinite layers and precision. Still, Alvarado is humble in her quest to make a big splash in the art world someday soon.

The artist draws on the vibrancy of bright colors and produces work that supersedes the expectations of the most seasoned art aficionados. “I think in color,” said Alvarado. “It’s like I can see different shapes and forms and ideas in something as mundane as a piece of gum on the street.”

Alvarado creates a fairytale world rooted in the reality of her own thoughts and emotions with her delicate sculptures. “I feel like I’m able to personify my ideas and feelings and emotions into a physical thing through my work,” she said. From abstract shapes and layers of dimension to nostalgic imagery and an intoxicating color palette, she feels as though her art provides a way for people to see what goes on inside her mind, and with a body of work as marvelous as hers, we can’t wait to see what thoughts she tangibly produces next.