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Lazy Beach Brew Crew Joins Pints with Plates

Good vibes are on the menu

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Lazy Beach has become a treasured go-to in town for the perfect afternoon pint. The laid-back, welcoming feel of the place is perfect for a summer afternoon without any worries, just delicious brewed beer. But now, it’s not just beer. 

Expanding Lazy Beach Brewing past a hearty brew selection to a full-on cafe was always in the cards for these guys, and when the pandemic hit, there was no better time to be ready. 

“Jessica and Cory Mathews, the owners of Lazy Beach, always had a long-range plan of expanding this business into a lot of different branches,” says Chris Dye, who has worked with Lazy Beach over the years. “One of the main goals, aside from being an actual brewery, was to add a restaurant component to it. When COVID hit, it was an opportune time for them to expand, since there was a smaller amount of people coming into the brewery, so we opened our sandwich shop cafe.”


The Mathewses  prepared a menu of diverse, savory sandwiches and other food items that are satiating and delicious, mixing in well with the signature Lazy Beach vibe. The idea was to create a relationship between this new menu and the existing brews; making food that pairs just right with their beers so they complement each other.

“Just like the rest of the brewery, we’re really hoping to grow and expand our cafe. We’re also working hard to get our beers and our menu to match with each other,” says Sarah Latham, longtime member of the Brew Crew. “When we release certain new beers, we’re expecting to have a sandwich to pair with it. Everything has something to pair with it, so it’s more of an experience than just a restaurant.” 

It started with the sandwiches, which quickly became a favorite; along with implementing different limited releases, like pork nachos or mahi mahi tacos, the cafe also has a weekend-only brunch menu that is completely different.

“I created our Sunday brunch menu, and I wanted to base it off of a ‘millennial’ brunch,” says Amanda Improte, head chef for the cafe. “So, my twist on avocado toast, fresh salmon, lots of fruit. All of the brunch dishes have something from the brewery in them, too! For example, I soak the berries for the french toast in the hard kombucha, and the queso is cooked with our beer in it. When I make the food, I try and mix in as much of the beer aspect as I can.”

With the help of Improte, the idea of a cafe became a tangible reality. When it was time to get the cafe going, Improte stepped in and took flight with the vision the Mathews family had. 

“Cooking for someone is really one of the most intimate things you can do for someone.” Improte says. “Everything here is family oriented, everyone is welcome.” So, if you’re feeling lazy, go hang out with the brew crew and enjoy a good beer – and darn good food to go with it.  


7522 Bichon Dr.