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Kimono Cool

The inherent glamour of the kimono — a garment stitched in Japanese history

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Aaron Garcia


Fitting in and standing out. Since its debut in the latebreighth century, the traditional Japanese garment has evolved in a major way.brTranslated, the Japanese word “kimono” simply means “something to wear,” andbrbecause of its easy, versatile silhouette, the kimono is not merely ‘somethingbrto wear’ but THE something to wear.


Now in the mainstream of both eastern and western fashion,brthe kimono is a staple of any au courant wardrobe. The lightweight, fluidbrensemble, embellished with charming prints, has been seen on every major runwaybraround the world and shows no signs of slowing down. You can thank thebrgarments’ utilitarian nature for that. Its functionality is perfect for anybrseason. Kimonos can be worn in layers to provide warmth in colder months, whilebrlinen or cotton kimonos are breathable and comfortable during the spring andbrsummer. These advantages are why kimonos have become a huge element in currentbrfashion and why the kimono is arguably the most iconic fashion influencebrhailing from Japan.