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Island Time

Managing the heartbeat of the kitchen.

By: Terrie Moore  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright had a strong influence on the evolution of the kitchen island with his belief that the kitchen was the heart of the home. Islands are where that beat starts, and can be the hardest working space of any kitchen. Plus, they also provide extra storage cabinets and the perfect spot for informal gatherings or supervised homework sessions while dinner is being prepared. In many open concept homes, they are the only barrier between the bustling active area and the restful living area. 


 Placing a large branch cut from your yard will bring a sense of peace and nature. If your island has a sink, keep soaps in glass dispensers, sponges in silver pots and Bar Keepers Friend in vintage sugar shakers. Placing wholesome snacks in a large basket encourages healthy noshing. While kitchen table talks will always be popular, in today’s busy world, island chisme should never be taken for granted. 

Top Tips:

To calculate seating, allow at least 30 linear inches per stool for guest comfort.

The recommended distance between a kitchen counter and kitchen island is at least 42 inches, 48 inches if sharing cooking duties – and wheelchairs require 60 inches. 

Using an extra-thick slab of granite or solid surface will give your island the starring role it deserves.

Placing a snack cabinet or mini-fridge in the island will encourage children to be more independent when their stomach rumbles.


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