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Cassidy’s Irish Pub Shakes Up Classic Cold Brew

Cassidy's shakes up classic cold brew with their Irish Cold Brew Martini

Photo by Rachel Benavides

There’s nothing quite like hot coffee in the morning, but there’s a chilly wind of cold brew creeping into our nights. The Irish Cold Brew Martini, with just the right mix of exhilarating and inebriating, is a part of Cassidy’s Irish Pub’s cocktail menu.

This take on the espresso martini comes with a Cassidy’s twist. Kyla Neely, manager of the romantic downtown corner pub, came up with the cold brew martini for a seasonal cocktail menu.

“We make a lot of Irish coffees, but we don’t do actual espresso,” Neely explained on a candlelit evening at Cassidy’s. “So we did cold brew, and went with the Jameson Cold Brew instead of vodka, which is typically used.”

Neely begins with the fitting liquor: Jameson Cold Brew Coffee Whiskey. The next ingredient is Caffe Del Fuego, a Texas craft coffee liquor with the warmth of Madagascar vanilla notes, followed with some creme de cacao, a classic and silky chocolate liqueur. After adding a touch of cream, Neely throws ice in the shaker and gives it a hard shake; just enough to get everything aerated and frothy together. She pours the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass through a fine cocktail strainer for a smooth, velvety texture, then delicately pops a trio of coffee beans on that fresh and foamy head.

“We’re not really [a cocktail-centric place] here, so what we do have, we try to make it a little more … us, rather than just what everyone else is doing,” Neely said. “We knew a lot of people did espresso martinis, so we didn’t want to do one just because; it needed to be something that fit with us.”

Through the fine froth and foam, the martini has the mouthfeel of coffee in a snowstorm. Jameson, which is usually a forward spirit, lays a modest but stable foundation to the rest of the flavors in this drink: smooth hints of chocolate, cold cream and a brisk chill of caffeine.


601 N Water Street