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Inside Wired Coffee’s Top Ordered Drinks

Local coffee shop Wired cultivates community and craft coffee

By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Housed in what used to be the Islander Bookstore, Wired Coffee Company’s main inspiration was simple: serve quality coffee to the community in an accessible way. With Wired, the sister shop to Roasted Coffee, the team behind the business wanted to create an additional community gathering space, fueled by the passion of coffee, where people could feel comfortable and welcomed. A few months shy of its second anniversary, it’s safe to say they’ve achieved exactly what they set out to do.

When entering the local coffee shop, you’re greeted by a cheerful barista ready to make your caffeinated dreams come true. Wired’s vast selection of drinks features an option for even the pickiest of palates. However, it’s the Teddy Graham Latte and the Magic Lemonade that reign supreme. Topping the list of most-ordered drinks, these two creative concoctions couldn’t be more different. 

The Teddy Graham Latte, a take on the classic childhood snack, combines vanilla, cinnamon, and honey flavors to create a delicious beverage. One sip of this latte creates a cozy and familiar feeling that tastes oh-so-good. A bonus: The flavor profile comes in the form of a latte (iced or hot), but can also be used to create a frappe or added to a glass of cold brew! 

The Magic Lemonade takes you on a different journey—one where butterfly pea flower is your guide. This majestic libation is refreshing and extremely satisfying to look at. The drink includes one of the shop’s house-made syrups—rotating among jasmine, hibiscus, and tropical coconut—and lemonade, and is topped with butterfly pea flower. What makes it magical, you ask? When the butterfly pea flower is added, the naturally blue tea turns purple once activated by the acidity in the lemonade. 

While both of these specialty drinks are definite crowd favorites, you really can’t go wrong with a good old glass of cold brew. This classic ordering route really allows patrons to get creative and customize their drink to their liking. With a plethora of house-made syrups and various milk options to choose from, adding in flavors to perfect your order is easy. Pro tip: Ask for cold foam with the flavor of your choice.


A unique aspect to this local coffee shop is the ability to add CBD to any of your drinks. “We offer a water-soluble CBD here at Wired,” explains barista and social media manager Jaymee Escamilla. “With it being water-soluble, your body absorbs the doses quicker and [it] can help reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, and help with pain relief or inflammation.” Outside of its sister shop Roasted, Wired is the only coffee spot in Corpus Christi currently offering this drink addition. 

Whether your taste buds and love for caffeine lead you to the Teddy Graham Latte, Magic Lemonade, cold brew, or any other specialty drink, one thing is for certain: Wired Coffee Company has crafted an atmosphere for coffee-loving members of the community to gather and drink innovative brews you’ll crave for weeks to come.   


6133 Ennis Joslin Rd Unit 103  |  @wiredcoffeecompanytx