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How to Create an Epic Fall Charcuterie Board

Owner of Lucy's Snackbar and Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market Jessica Gignac shares her tips and tricks on how to create the perfect, seasonal charcuterie board

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo courtesy of: Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market

A well-crafted charcuterie board is a way to combine sweet and savory flavors for an added punch of party magic. Charcuterie boards make a fun snack tray for a unique seasonal treat! To gear up for fall season gatherings with family or friends, you might be wondering what goes into the process of creating a seasonal board. 

Owner of Lucy’s Snackbar and Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market, Jessica Gignac, recommends checking what’s in season first. “I always think about color. For fall, I end up using deeper colors like dark-colored grapes paired with pops of vibrancy,” says Gignac. We chatted with the charcuterie master herself to find out the essential steps in creating a seasonal board. 


Stock up on a solid selection

When buying ingredients for a charcuterie board, play with combinations of colors, textures, and flavors for an impressive selection. Gignac says, “If you want to do it yourself, check out what’s most in-season at your local farmers market first. H-E-B and Sprouts also do a good job about featuring seasonal produce.”


Pick the perfect sides

Arguably the most fun part of building a charcuterie board is deciding what to put on the platter! “Cheese and meats are best paired with fresh fruits, dried fruits, mustard, and jams,” Gignac shares. Supplement your charcuterie board with complimenting bites, and don’t be shy about adding sauces either. 


Consider the layout

Gather prosciutto slices, fold salami slices, and slice cheese and fruit into small sections for easy-to-eat bundles. Then, arrange small dip bowls off-center, placing meat and other sides around. Add stacks of fall flavors like dark chocolate or sweet cinnamon treats.


Keep it simple

Charcuterie board options are endless! Come up with unique themes for pumpkin carving night or a cozy night inside. Choose to focus on a particular style or region or leave some items off the menu to ease your way into creating elegant charcuterie boards.  


Let Eleanor’s cater for you

Charcuterie boards are in peak trend, but sometimes preparing one can feel overwhelming to create. Thankfully, Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market lives on in the form of deliciously healthy catering options. Place an order online through Instagram @eleanorscctx and customize your boards based on how many people you’re serving, dietary restrictions, or special occasion.