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How to Add Holiday Glam to Your Home

Holiday decor that is anything but ho-hum-bug

By: Monica Benavides  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Decking the halls with unique ornaments, vintage ribbon, and thrifted finds makes for a glamorously chic and cozy space. Many of us tend to focus a lot of effort on our trees and mantels, but don’t forget to add holiday cheer to your sofa and coffee table, too. 

 On the coffee table, using tall crystal candlesticks with black tapers makes for a grand display, but you can also add in velvet ribbon and vintage brooches for an extra luxe look. An evergreen centerpiece with tons of sparkle helps tie it all together along with books, decorative boxes, and ornaments. 

Many nights will be spent on the sofa playing games and watching holiday movies, so incorporating a seasonal throw pillow along with cozy blankets is a great way to stay comfy and in the holiday spirit.  

Add Some Glitzy Touches

My hack for effortlessly adding ribbon to your Christmas tree will change your life. Find my highlight on Instagram (@monicabenavidez) and grab three different ribbons—plus some scissors—and thank me later!

Don’t be afraid to mix old and new. I love to reuse ornaments, but I also like incorporating a few new ones each year to create unique themes and color schemes. This helps change up the look without needing to buy a ton of new decor. 

Think outside the (ornament) box. Vintage chandelier crystals, brooches, and small figurines can be found at many of our local thrift and antique stores and make stunning ornaments. 

Get Crafty!

Give home decor items a low-cost holiday makeover using craft or spray paint, ribbon, floral picks, and bows. Try upcycling candlesticks, vases, or outdated wreaths, garlands and florals. 

Add in something unexpected—for me, it’s adding touches of black among all the glitz. You can use a boldly patterned ribbon, an unconventional color, or vintage elements for a “curated over time” look. 


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