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House of Rock Celebrates 16 Years of Good Music and Good Food

House of Rock's Sweet Sixteen celebration will host 16 bands for 16th anniversary

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

House of Rock is excited to announce 16 bands to celebrate 16 years of live music in Downtown Corpus Christi over three days. Located in the heart of downtown since 2005, House of Rock has been an iconic rock bar and venue that has become home to many local musicians and artists and a catalyst for Corpus Christi’s thriving live music scene. In 2014, The Kitchen at House of Rock opened, serving pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more seven days a week. 

“House of Rock is fortunate to have local support from day one,” says venue owner Casey Lain. “Downtown has always been a supportive neighborhood, from business to business and from locals to tourists. House of Rock has had the privilege of working with a phenomenal team of leaders and employees. We’ve been able to stand out in our industry for many reasons. Our ability to secure unique national, regional, and local musicians and artists has been key to becoming a staple entertainment venue in downtown Corpus Christi and South Texas.” 

For the past year, House of Rock has sustained and stayed open through The Kitchen and is excited to return with live music. And what better way to commemorate 16 years than with a 16 band celebration.

“At some point over the past 16 years, House of Rock became a staple in the downtown community,” Lain said. “We would not have been successful without the help of so many live music fans, artists and musicians. We are beyond excited for our Sweet Sixteen and look forward to having company again.”

The Sweet Sixteen celebration will also be unique in that all three nights are donation-based. With a minimum donation of $10, ticket buyers can donate more if they choose. With 16 bands to celebrate 16 years over three days, each day brings a unique collection of entertainment based on what people enjoy and want to see. From singer-songwriter and indie rock to reggae and punk rock. Plus, the time-honored tradition of signing our screen-printed poster will also be happening all three days.

Live Music Lineup: 

Wednesday 7/28

Upon a Burning Body

Life Cycles

Holy Death Trio

Switchblade Jesus

An Eaters Curse

Thursday 7/29

Swimming with Bears

The Unlikely Candidates

Sweet Daddy

Fred Cook & Ty Dietz

Friday 7/30

The Supervillains

In the Whale

Crucial Riddum

Left Handed Knives

The Chanclas

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