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Hold My Bouquet

It's never too early to start your wedding day skincare prep.

By: Lindsay Garcia, Corpus Christi Institute of Plastic Surgery

It is absolutely never too early to start your wedding day skincare prep! Allow a minimum of 6-12 months time, coming in every four weeks for a treatment.

Before The Wedding:

Chill out Cinderella! Manage your stress. On the complexion front, stress can do you in from the top of your head to the tips of your toes there is no end to the inevitable beauty bummers headed your way if you do not get your wedding planning stress-under-control. 

As stress weakens the immune system chronic inflammation may worsen and can lead to inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris. Excess anxiety can disrupt your beauty sleep, which in turn can lead to a dull un-bridal complexion and tired eyes. The remedy? Do what you can to chill out and take care of you. Whether that means hitting a yoga class, guided meditation apps, or journaling in your favorite spots.

When: 1 year out

Out with the Razor in with the Laser! Consider Laser Hair Removal. It will be so worth it on your honeymoon when shaving your armpits and legs is the last thing on your mind. 6-8 treatments are recommended for optimal results spaced 4 weeks apart. 

When: 1 year out

Skin first and Smile always. Decide if a Retinol is right for you. Derived from vitamin A, the tried and true ingredient has multiple benefits increasing cell turnover, unclogs pores, boosts collagen, and helps diminish hyperpigmentation. 

When: 9 months out

Achieve Pore-fection with Enlighten Facials-(3 monthly sessions) Loaded with skin nutrients like antioxidants, peptides, and other customized elements to reveal a brightened uniform complexion.
Facial includes Cleansing, Dermaplaning, Fruit Extract Mask and extractions. 
Spot treat stubborn pigmentation and brown spots with Photo-rejuvenation or end with a Jessner Peel.

When: 6 months out

Dehydrated Diva no more-Time to take a break from nipping at the Pino Grigio and get to juicing! Vino is a world-class dehydrator, capillary breaker, and a sure-fire radiance robber. Cut back and opt for liquified leafy greens a few months prior to your wedding. Green juice is excellent for skin because it is oxygenating and contains minerals that help stimulate the lymphatic system and will drain out puffiness! 

When: 1 a day 3 months out.

Wedding Bliss Glow- Exfoliating, Laser, Serums- Oh My! 

It is time for the Bridal Laser Facial. The secret to radiance. This A-List laser treatment reduces the appearance of lines, scarring, and creates a beautifully luminous effect on the skin. Best of all is it’s safe and pain described as “warm raindrops” kissing your skin. This is an ideal procedure for brides preparing for their big day.

Add on Dermaplaning and achieve optimum results. 

Customized brightening serums applied.

When: 4 months- 1 week out

Say ‘I Do’ to pretty peepers too! Avoid mascara tears with single-stranded lashes applied directly to each individual lash to give you the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. 

When: 1 Day out

Talk to one of our Licensed Skin Care Specialists Lindsay Garcia or Angelica Mendez about our Bridal Beauty Packages and which combination of treatments would work best for you and your special day!