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HER: Carra Miller

Industry Leader

By: Kirby Conda  Photography by: Duex Bohéme

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Polished and personably poised in a pencil-fit black dress, a smart heel, and hair that says, “It’s been a productive day, and I’ve handled it like a champ,” Carra Miller joins the ever-alluring status of HER honoree as she approaches The Goldfish table of her fellow 2021 honorees. Miller is all smiles. She is third in line to make a formal introduction to the rest of the table; as she listens in, her body language shifts attentively as her investment in the stories being told grows. Then, she’s up. And with approachable grace, Miller explains that she is a senior associate at Welder Leshin, LLP, specializing in Admiralty & Maritime Litigation and General Civil Litigation—she is happily married and enjoying the life she is crafting here in Corpus Christi.

For a woman of her age to have achieved the major milestones that have her resume stacked with accolades, it’s no wonder she was chosen to be recognized as this year’s Industry Leader. However, prior to meeting Miller, I purposefully didn’t do much research. I like to get to know interviewees by the way they see themselves first; only then will I ask harder questions and do secondary research in my own time. 

Upon meeting Carra Miller, I knew I’d have to dig into her professional past because that’s not what characterizes her. Yes, the sophistication, the sharpness, the confidence—all there. But without hesitation, Miller allowed us to see the layer beneath and get personal. She tells her story with purpose and humor, and she listens to others intently and with sincere compassion. When they say, “She’s the whole package,” they’re referring to Carra Miller.

Her extraordinary (and lengthy) list of accomplishments include recognition as Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year by the Corpus Christi Bar Association in May 2021, Top Attorney, Civil Litigation, and serves as the president of the Corpus Christi Young Lawyers Association and the District 11 Director for the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors—and this is just to name a few of her accolades and accomplishments. Miller has a focused allegiance toward volunteer work in the local law community, and is a respected advocate for cultivating access to justice at state and local levels. She has been recognized by The American Bar Association for her propensity to serve in pro bono cases and was named 2020 and 2019 Pro Bono Leader. 

Miller navigates a niche industry where a handful of long-time players remain at the helm. However, for Miller, that is not a deterrent but a motivator. She moves with the confidence of a woman who knows that her slice of the pie is hers … and there is space for everyone to win. And she’s humble enough to help you get yours in the process.

In Her Own Words

What do you want girls and women to know about excelling in an industry that is historically male-dominated?

First, do not impose limits on yourself. If you are not qualified for a project, a position, or a raise, someone else will tell you. Do not let self-doubt become the limiting factor. Second, mentorship is crucial. Find people (women and men) who excel in the areas in which you are interested. If you don’t know them personally, call or send an email and ask if you can take them for coffee. As a young or aspiring professional, that practice seems stilted and odd but it is commonplace. Third, build your personal brand. Make yourself known in your industry and community by volunteering, joining associations, and putting forward quality work.

Which woman in your life has influenced you the most and why?

My mother, of course. Not only has she put up with me every day of my life, but also [she] has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has picked me up and dusted me off countless times after countless failures. She is innovative and inquisitive with an insatiable desire to learn, constantly embarking on new projects. Recently, she decided to make a career leap by training to become a court reporter. Anyone who knows her knows that she can find something inspiring about any person she meets. That lesson, among innumerable others that she has taught me, has served me well.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

My to-do list. The busier I am, the better. The momentum keeps me going. When I wind down in the evenings, I like to think of what I accomplished throughout the day and what to do over the next day, week, month, or year. Setting and strategizing how to accomplish goals keeps me motivated. Succeeding in goals provides me with renewed perspective; I am always recalculating better ways to achieve goals in my cases, career, and personal life.