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Handcrafted Summertime

The influences in House of Rock’s Sexy Mexy

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Lillian Rietz

The sweet heat of summer is served with a salted-rim. The House of Rock downtown – working on their line-up for unique summertime cocktails – has brought back the recurring favorite, the Sexy Mexy, and it’s a good thing we’re thirsty.

This drink is a mix between fruity and spicy influences. Broken down, it can be described as a pineapple and jalapeño margarita … perfect for feeling refreshed during the hot Texas summers. 


The tequila that the HoR uses is infused in-house with freshly cut pineapple and jalapeño slices that soak into the liquor over a few days. This sets the heat of the jalapeño into the tequila, giving it a sweet spiciness. Roughly shaken with fresh-squeezed lime juice, orange liquor, and a house-made simple syrup, this drink is poured with a menacing freshness. In a tall, salt-rimmed cup, it is presented with a few finishing slices of raw jalapeño – which some people like to eat, too, apparently. 


Not surprisingly, the unique drink is one that the House of Rock has brought back summer after summer. Bar manager Britney Cook recalls this drink being around for even longer than she has. 


“The special thing about this drink is all the handcrafted ingredients: we could’ve gone to the store and gotten the juice, but we made it ourselves and we infused the tequila ourselves, too,” she says. “It’s also one of the only specialty margaritas that we have. We don’t have an unspicy version, but it does shock people how mild the spice is. It’s delicious, not too spicy – most people get wary about the jalapeño, but the pineapple balances it out perfectly.”


Sitting at one of the barstools, while listening to good music and the AC blasting, this drink will help you escape a South Texas summer, even for just a brief moment in time. All in all, the Sexy Mexy remains a Starr Street classic.




511 Starr St., Corpus Christi


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