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Golden Power Hour

A quick style rundown with local radiology student Alesandra Vasquez

Photos and words by: Josh Maxwell

Covid-19 may have us limited on where to go, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t stop and pose for a photo every now and then. Local radiology student Alesandra Vasquez has mastered this state of mind very well. When not studying for her anatomy exams, Vasquez can be found working out. With a quarantine mindset still in full effect, this stylish young woman has found ways to combine her love of fashion and fitness. From clean white air-force 1’s to a subtle yet gorgeous pink crop top, Vasquez manages to combine her inner tomboy and fashionista. Confident, studious, and an avid lover of fitness, Vasquez is a prime example of how hard work can pay off especially when trying to get that perfect pose. We chatted with the local student to find out how she’s been keeping her style in check throughout the summer. 

In your own words how do you describe your style?

I would say my style is more of a sporty trendy, and feminine type of look. 

Where do you get a lot of your style inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration derives from social media platforms. I have certain bloggers and celebrities that I pull different looks from. 

Does your love of fitness show in your outfit choices?

I would definitely say it does. Most of the time you’ll see me in skirts or dresses and I’ll throw on a pair of sneakers to add that sense of comfort to the look. 

What’s one thing you would want other women to know about self expression. 

I think it’s important to dress how you want and when you want. I’m constantly told by my sisters that I’m overdressed. But i think being able to express myself through my clothing is an empowering thing for me as well as it can be for anyone. 

Who is one person you look up to fashion wise?

I actually have a couple of favorite models that I look up too. Sofia Jamora is probably my favorite though. 

What does your dream wardrobe consist of?

My dream wardrobe would probably be having a sneaker to go with any given outfit.

What’s one piece of clothing that you absolutely cannot live without?

I really love oversized graphic tees. You can dress it up down and even tie it in a knot to style to your liking.