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Going Coastal with Budget Blinds

From classic remodels to modern new builds, there is always room for upgrades and improvements.

Every new year brings the opportunity for new trends in the world of coastal home renovation. From classic remodels to modern new builds, there is always room for upgrades and improvements. The important thing to remember is these changes to your ocean-side home do not have to be elaborate or expensive to make a big difference in the space you are planning on redesigning. 

Obtaining your Instagram-worthy coastal dream home is easier than you might think. One of the best ways to give your space the update it deserves is to highlight the windows in your home. Windows do so much for your space; they bring in natural light, aid in ventilation, serve as protection from the natural elements and allow homeowners to enjoy beautiful views. 

Window Coverings

It should come as no surprise with coastal homes, comes the sun – lots and lots of sun. This is one of the main reasons having quality window coverings is essential for your home. Window coverings such as shades, blinds and shutters offer the ability to choose how much or how little natural light enters your home. 

Bamboo and woven wood shades offer design ambiguity as they typically come in colors that fit most styles. Bamboo shades offer an earth-tone element with shades of brown and slight hints of gold. This is a good fit for your home by the shore with seafoam green and tan colors. You could easily add woven wood shades to your coastal oasis and expect them to take you through different design trend seasons. Gray and cream-colored shades are popular with hues of blue and coral orange – perfect for beach-themed homes.  

Beat the Heat

Temperature control is another reason to add window coverings. Heatwaves from the sun travel through windows into your living spaces. When they pass through the windows, these waves are magnified which results in overheating and causes physical discomfort for the occupants of the home. Not to mention the toll it takes on homeowners’ electricity bills. Higher temperatures almost always result in higher electric costs. Window coverings provide an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays and make managing interior temperatures easier. 

Vertical window blind alternatives are taking over 2022’s design trends. Sheer vertical blinds offer UV protection and enhanced energy efficiency while adding mass amounts of style. These types of blinds are the best possible choice for homes with wide windows and look great against patio doors. Sheer vertical blinds come in a variety of colors and fabrics which makes for endless design possibilities. Again, neutral, natural-colored materials give homeowners flexibility and can be used in more than just living rooms. 

Keeping Outside, Outside

You can’t have a coastal-themed home without shutters. Shutters are an excellent choice and investment for your waterfront property. Privacy and peace of mind are the obvious benefits of shutters, but what many people do not realize is the property value increase that comes with adding shutters to your home. Custom installed shutters, interior and exterior, offer a classic look that is known to hold value for decades. 

Designers often pull inspiration from Caribbean homes which more often than not include some version of shutters. Interior shutters offer an enduring style to the home. Shutters come in a variety of stains and finishes; all of which can be color-matched to keep designs consistent. Classic white plantation shutters are sure to add visual appeal to your home. Yellow and orange accent pieces are sure to pop even more when in the same room as the crisp white shutters. 

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Exterior shutters are a good option for homes with enclosed balconies, outdoor kitchens and patios. The best part about exterior shutters is that they are totally customizable. Styles include hinged, fixed, multi-fold and sliding panels. To help your house stand out, even more, consider using popular coastal colors like Sunset Pink or Agave Green. 

From Coast to Coast 

Adding value to your beach bungalow can be easy and fun. When designing or redesigning the rooms of your home, one of the best feelings is when your details come together. Finishing touches such as shades, blinds and shutters can add to your space without taking too much from your wallet. If you are ready to take the next step in taking your shore-side haven to the next level, get in touch with Budget Blinds of Greater Corpus Christi. Our experts are on standby waiting to help you make your dream home a reality. 

Budget Blinds of Greater Corpus Christi serves the Coastal Bend area as the number one team of window covering experts. Our team is committed to providing premium quality window fashions at an affordable rate. From classics like wood blinds and interior shutters to new-age best-sellers like motorized blinds and solar shades, our local, in-house design consultants are here to offer their expertise to make your house feel like a home. Call us today at 361-252-0739 for your totally free in-home consultation.